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Homeland Security

Devoted Efforts of Anti-Epidemic Units in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- The emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels enhance their capabilities for guiding the anti-epidemic work, flexibly tackling any circumstances in the work.

Officials of the emergency anti-epidemic organs in Pyongyang City increased the number of anti-epidemic posts and reinforced them with more manpower. Maintaining the intensive lockdown, they focus on tightening the regional blockade and closure of every unit.

Members of the anti-epidemic posts, while intensifying the supervision, fully discharge their duty.

Officials dispatched to residential and other relevant areas direct efforts to finding, quarantining and treating all fevered persons and those with abnormal symptoms in contact with the medical workers in charge of households. They also make sure that any slightest deviations would not happen in the supply of medicines and every nook and corner of workshops and living spaces are thoroughly disinfected.

Sharing joy and sorrow with the public, officials of the emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels put efforts into resolving knotty problems in time and enhancing their awareness of crisis and sense of responsibility in the state emergency situation so that everyone could voluntarily discharge their duty in the anti-epidemic work.

Officials continuously direct big efforts to improving the capabilities for guiding the anti-epidemic work in the regions and units under their charge and making full preparations for sensitively reacting to any circumstances. -0-

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