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China's 'dynamic zero COVID' policy is effective, helps maintain global supply chain stability: FM spokesperson

Global Times

By Global Times Published: Apr 12, 2022 05:23 PM

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that China's "dynamic zero-COVID" policy has not only protected domestic economy but also accelerated global development.

Zhao made the comment in responding to the remarks made by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, which claim that China's strict quarantine measures impacted the stability of the supply chain.

China's "dynamic zero-COVID" policy is based on scientific merits and professional advices, which accords with the country's situation and the principle of World Health Organization (WHO), the spokesperson said.

"The effective containment of the coronavirus has also protected foreigners who live in China, and made great contribution to the global fight against COVID-19, and is highly regarded by WHO," said Zhao.

Zhao noted that strict quarantine measures enforced in some cities since 2021 affected people's lives and industrial production, but the consequences are short-term and capped, which help maintain the normal life and business operation for most of the Chinese population.

"Any quarantine measures come with a price, but the 'price' is worthy when comparing with people's life safety and health," said Zhao.

Zhao noted that the "dynamic zero-COVID policy" was correct for the country when viewed from the perspective of the economic result and the total caseload. By following the effective quarantine and prevention measures that China has made great contribution to maintaining the stability of global industrial chains and supply chains and the growth of the world's economy, while maintaining China's own economic and social development, he added.

"China's position for boosting the global economy has never changed," Zhao said, "China will continue to expand international cooperation and help accelerate global economic recovery."

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