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Corona vaccination to reach 1.3 million doses next week: Minister

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Kermanshah, April 16, IRNA -- Saeed Namaki, Iranian Health Minister, said on Friday that some 500,000 doses of corona vaccines have been administered in Iran and the number of vaccination will reach 1.3 million until the end of next week (next Thursday).

In a Friday meeting in the provincial headquarters of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in Kermanshah province, Namaki said the import of corona vaccines into Iran, as well as production of home-made vaccines, are properly managed; so, the country can claim that it is one the successful states in this respect.

In contradiction to biased comments that allege Iran is lagging behind other countries in terms of importing and administering corona vaccines, the Islamic country is in a good situation, the minister announced, vowing that all Iranians or at least most of them will get vaccine shots until the end of 1400 (March 20, 2021), while other countries plan to administer corona vaccine until the end of 2022.

Iran has administered 500,000 doses of the vaccine so far, he said, underlining that the number is 642,000 doses in Japan, 193,000 doses in Oman, 165,000 doses in Egypt, 143,000 doses in Iraq, 61,000 doses in South Korea and 58,000 doses in Vietnam; so, Iran has a better situation in terms of vaccinating people among the list of countries mentioned.

He also expressed hope that the vaccination of health staff, patients and people with underlying diseases will come to an end until next Thursday following the recent import of vaccines.

Iran imported 420,000 doses of corona vaccine from Russia, 200,000 doses from China and 126,000 doses from India within one month, he said, adding that two weeks ago, Tehran imported 700,000 doses of the corona vaccine through COVAX, formally known as The COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility.

Namaki also assured the Iranians that homemade and imported vaccines are being fully inspected and the people can get vaccinated with confidence.


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