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Thorough Measures for Maintaining Perfect Anti-epidemic State in DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- Measures are being steadily taken across the DPRK to maintain perfect anti-epidemic state.

The central emergency anti-epidemic field is pushing ahead with the work for examining the state emergency anti-epidemic posture to cope with the world public health crisis and further intensifying the anti-epidemic work and steadily modifying and supplementing the anti-epidemic means, system and rules.

It is taking thorough measures for tightly locking down the borders, the areas along the Military Demarcation Line and coasts, and intensifying the work for rooting out abnormal and undisciplined phenomena.

It has clearly stipulated the duty of members of the anti-epidemic posts in boundaries between provinces, cities and county seats and intensified education among them so that they would responsibly conduct examination and disinfection for passers-by and vehicles.

It is steadily raising the degree of ideological offensive and hygienic information activities for making officials, working people and other citizens always remember the idea of the Central Committee of the Party on execution of intensified anti-epidemic measures and strictly observe anti-epidemic rules and orders.

Emergency anti-epidemic fields across the country are tightening control in order to make the people strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules in the work for eradicating the aftermath of disastrous weather, and making a responsible examination of self-made disinfectants, wells and springs.

They are urging their workers to strictly observe the anti-epidemic regulations when disposing of the floating or drifting objects given the increased danger of infection in the wake of typhoon and heavy rain that battered the country.

They also make sure that real-time medical observation of members is conducted in every unit and they disinfect their hands, bedrooms, kitchens and washrooms frequently so that there would be no abnormal phenomena that would lead to infection. -0-

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