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Chinese Embassy Warns About Outbreak of Unknown Deadly Pneumonia in Kazakhstan

Sputnik News

05:14 GMT 10.07.2020(updated 05:30 GMT 10.07.2020)

BEIJING (Sputnik) – The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan on Friday warned China's citizens about an outbreak of an unknown type of pneumonia with a high mortality rate in the Central Asian nation.

"According to Kazakh media reports, since mid-June, the Atyrau Region, the Aktobe Region, and the city of Shymkent have faced an increased number of patients with pneumonia. Currently, the number of infected people in these regions stands at some 500 people, over 30 people are in critical condition", the embassy said in a statement.

According to the Chinese diplomatic mission, this type of pneumonia has a much higher mortality rate than COVID-19.

"The Kazakh Ministry of Health and other agencies are currently studying this virus, which causes pneumonia. The situation is still unclear", the statement said.

The embassy called on Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan to remain cautious, avoid public places, use sanitisers, frequently their wash hands, and wear face masks. It also added that people with symptoms of the disease should immediately seek medical care.


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