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9120 Cases of Recovery from Covid-19, in KSA, Ministry of Health Spokesman Announces

Saudi Press Agency

Friday 1441/9/15 - 2020/05/08

Riyadh, May 8, 2020, SPA -- Under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Dr. Taufiq bin Fozan Al-Rabia'h, Coronavirus' Developments Follow up Committee held its 79th meeting here today.

Following the meeting, Assistant to the Minister of Health and Official Spokesman of the ministry Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali pointed out, in his daily briefing, that there are 1701 newly confirmed cases, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), with 372 cases in Jeddah, 308 in Madinah, 246 in Makkah, 142 in Riyadh, 130 in Dammam, 122 in Jubail and the remainder, in the other towns, across the Kingdom.

The new toll of confirmed cases in the Kingdom now stood at 35433, with 26856 active cases undergoing treatment, however most of them are stable and reassured, with 141 critical cases.

22 per cent of the newly confirmed cases are Saudi nationals, or 382, and 78 per cent are Non-Saudis or in figures 1319 cases. Gender speaking, only 13 per cent are females or 229 cases and 87 per cent for the males or 1472 cases.

As per age category, the elders constituted 3 per cent of cases reported today, children 4 per cent and 93 are adults. On the other hand, the number of those recovered from the Covid-19 throughout the Kingdom is 9120, as 1322 new cases have been added to the recovered. Deaths reached 229 cases, as 10 new deaths have been reported, one of them was a Saudi national in Jeddah and the rest are expatriates, in Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh and Jeddah, most of the them were experiencing chronic diseases.

20:11 LOCAL TIME 17:11 GMT

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