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Anti-COVID-19 Fight Gains Momentum in DPRK

DPRK - Uriminzokkiri

Date: 25/02/2020

Anti-epidemic information campaign is growing more intense in different parts of the DPRK to prevent COVID-19 from entering the country.

Party and government organs, working people's organizations and public health institutions at all levels are conducting an intensive political and hygienic information activity.

Officials from provincial-level institutions and public health and education sectors in all provinces, including Kangwon and South Hwanghae provinces give wide publicity to propaganda information and presentations by means of loudspeaker vans for the prevention of the epidemic in industrial establishments and residential quarters.

All officials from cities and counties are conducting vigorous information activities without letup with each passing day through loudspeaker vans and portable amplifiers, further raising the anti-epidemic atmosphere.

Officials of the central committees of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongililst Youth League, the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea and the Socialist Women's Union of Korea are stepping up the campaign to prevent COVID-19 at different-level units.

Health care workers from central hospitals, people's hospitals and polyclinics in different parts are conducting the anti-epidemic hygienic information at ministries, national agencies and units in their charge so as to find out in time those who are experiencing a little bit of unusual symptoms and diagnose them correctly.

Officials in all parts of the country are remarkably enhancing the sense of responsibility and role to thoroughly block the incoming route of the epidemic.

The Central Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre have promptly dispatched its competent officials to major branch offices so that they can exercise stricter control over medical observation and checkup in company of health workers at relevant units.

All provinces are making scrupulous preparations for taking medical observation and preventive and treatment measures after finding out and quarantining everyone of the travellers to foreign countries and those who have made contacts with them and those who show unusual symptoms such as flu.

While making strict demands on all the locals to voluntarily observe the discipline and order related to the anti-epidemic work with heightened vigilance in conformity with the geographical features of location of bordering on China, North Phyongan Province ensures that more than 3 000 persons under medical observation are provided with a sufficient supply of electric power, materials, heating and water lest they experience any inconvenience in their lives.

Over 380 foreigners throughout the country have now been kept in isolation. Quarantine and medical observation for the travellers to foreign countries and those who have made contacts with them and who present unusual symptoms, as well as medical checkup are gaining momentum on an intensive basis at all units.

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