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US Sanctions 7 People, Middle East Firm Over Daesh Pipelines Financing

Sputnik News

21:15 15.04.2019

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US government has sanctioned seven individuals and a money services company as "key nodes" of the Daesh* terrorist group's financial network spanning the Middle East, Europe, and East Africa, the Department of the Treasury said in a statement on Monday.

"Six individuals, located in Iraq, Turkey, and Belgium, and the entity, an Iraq, Turkey, and Syria-based money services business (MSB), are part of the Rawi Network, a key [Daesh] financial facilitation group based out of Iraq," the statement said. "The seventh individual designated today is a Kenya-based female financial facilitator who has played an important role in an ISIS facilitation network in East Africa."

The Treasury has sanctioned the leader of the Rawi Network in Turkey and Iraq, Mushtaq Talib Zughayr al-Rawi, and several of his family members, who helped launder money through exchange shops in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, and the Gulf to facilitate Daesh operations worldwide.

Al-Ard Al-Jadidah Money Exchange Company was designated for transferring and delivering Daesh funds to all the provinces of Iraq, according to the Treasury.

The Kenya-based woman, Halima Adan Ali, was sanctioned for playing an integral role in the terrorist group's financial facilitation network.

"Between 2017 and early 2018, Halima received large sums of money from around the world, mostly through hawala systems, that she would forward to ISIS [Daesh] fighters in Syria, Libya, and central Africa," the statement said.

The Treasury Department said the Rawi Network had previously been the target of a joint Treasury-Department of Defense action in October 2018.

*Daesh (also known as ISIS, IS, ISIL) – a terrorist group, banned in numerous countries, including Russia


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