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Homeland Security

Designated ISIS Branches and Individuals

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 27, 2018

The Department of State has designated 40 ISIS leaders and operatives under Executive Order (E.O.) 13224, and will continue to target the group to deny it access to the U.S. financial system. These designations are part of a larger comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS that, in coordination with the 75-member Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, has made significant progress toward that goal. This whole-of-government effort is destroying ISIS in its safe havens, denying its ability to recruit foreign terrorist fighters, stifling its financial resources, negating the false propaganda it disseminates over the internet and social media, and helping to stabilize liberated areas in Iraq and Syria so the displaced can return to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives.

ISIS individuals designated by the U.S. Department of State under E.O. 13224

Date Individual Name
February 27, 2018 Abu Musab al-Barnawi (ISIS-West Africa)
February 27, 2018 Mahad Moalim (ISIS-Somalia)
January 23, 2018 Siddhartha Dhar (ISIS)
January 23, 2018 Abdelatif Gaini (ISIS)
September 19, 2017 Brandon-Lee Thulsie (ISIS)
September 19, 2017 Tony-Lee Thulsie (ISIS)
August 17, 2017 Ahmad Alkhald (ISIS)
August 17, 2017 Abu Yahya al-Iraqi (ISIS)
June 15, 2017 Mohammad Shafi Armar (ISIS)
June 15, 2017 Oussama Ahmad Atar (ISIS)
June 15, 2017 Mohammed Isa Yousif Saqar Al Binali (ISIS)
June 12, 2017 Marwan Ibrahim Hussayn Tah al-Azawi (ISIS)
May 19, 2017 Muhammad al-Isawi (ISIS)
April 27, 2017 Mubarak Mohammed A Alotaibi (ISIL - Saudi Arabia)
April 13, 2017 Farah Mohamed Shirdon (ISIS)
March 30, 2017 Anjem Choudary (ISIS)
March 30, 2017 El Shafee Elsheikh (ISIS)
March 30, 2017 Mark John Taylor (ISIS)
March 30, 2017 Shane Dominic Crawford (ISIS)
January 10, 2017 Alexanda Amon Kotey (ISIS)
November 22, 2016 Abdelilah Himich (ISIS)
November 22, 2016 Basil Hassan (ISIS)
November 22, 2016 Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani (ISIS)
September 28, 2016 Anas El Abboubi(ISIL)
August 31, 2016 Abdiqadir Mumin (ISIS)
August 3, 2016 Mohamed Abrini (ISIS)
July 13, 2016 Aslan Avgazarovich Byutukaev (ISIL-CP)
April 5, 2016 Salah Abdeslam (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Rustam Aselderov (ISIL-CP)
September 29, 2015 Emilie Konig (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Boubaker Hakim (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Maxime Hauchard (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Shamil Izmaylov (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Nasser Muthana (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Sally Jones (ISIS)
September 29, 2015 Gulmurod Khalimov (ISIS)
January 27, 2015 Denis Cuspert (ISIS)
September 24, 2014 Amru al-Absi (ISIS)
September 24, 2014 Salim Benghalem (ISIS)
September 24, 2014 Lavdrim Muhaxheri (ISIS)
August 18, 2014 Abu Mohammed al-Adnani (ISIS)
October 4, 2011 Ibrahim 'Awwad Ibrahim 'Ali al-Badri (Abu Du'a) (ISIS)

ISIS affiliates designated by the U.S. Department of State

Date Country Branch Name
February 27, 2018 Bangladesh ISIS-Bangladesh (FTO, SDGT)
February 27, 2018 Philippines ISIS-Philippines (FTO, SDGT) and Maute Group (SDGT)
February 27, 2018 Nigeria ISIS-West Africa (FTO, SDGT)
February 27, 2018 Somalia ISIS-Somalia (SDGT)
February 27, 2018 Tunisia Jund al-Khilafah-Tunisia (SDGT)
February 27, 2018 Egypt ISIS-Egypt (SDGT)
May 19, 2016 Libya ISIL-Libya (FTO, SDGT)
May 19, 2016 Saudi Arabia ISIS-Saudi Arabia (SDGT)
May 19, 2016 Yemen ISIS-Yemen (SDGT)
September 29, 2015 Algeria Jund al-Khilafah Algeria (SDGT)
September 29, 2015 Russian Federation ISIL – Caucasus Province (SDGT)
September 29, 2015 Afghanistan, Pakistan Islamic State's Khorasan Province (FTO, SDGT)
April 9, 2014 Sinai ISIL Sinai Province (formerly Ansar Bayt al Maqdis) (FTO, SDGT)

Other ISIS related groups:

January 10, 2017 Jammaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD)
June 9, 2016 Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade (YMB)
March 22, 2016 Santoso (MIT)
September 29, 2015 Mujahidin Indonesian Timur (MIT)
September 29, 2015 Jaysh Rijal al-Tariq al Naqshabandi (JRTN)

The Department of State is authorized to designate Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) under the Immigration and Nationality Act, and to designate Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) under E.O. 13224. While only organizations can be designated as FTOs, a wider range of persons can be designated by the Department of State as SDGTs – including terrorist groups, leaders, and members of terrorist groups, as well as other individuals and entities that have committed or pose a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism. Terrorism designations expose and isolate organizations and individuals, and deny them access to the U.S. financial system. Moreover, designations can assist the law enforcement activities of U.S. agencies and other governments.

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