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September 11, eleven years of war against Islam

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 11, IRNA -- What US has done after the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been a war against Islam rather than a war against terrorism, wrote an Iranian daily on Tuesday on the occasion of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks against US twin trade towers in New York in 2001.

"What has happened afterwards, was another evidence of the suspicious nature of the 9/11 scenario showing that Washington used the scenario to wage a war against Islam. A scenario which was made by the US and Zionists," the Persian-language 'Hemayat' added.

"After the terrorist attacks, Washington pursued a plan to implement a new world order based on unilateralism," it noted.

"It was under the pretext of restoring global peace and fighting terrorism that the US expanded its military presence worldwide," Hemayat said, adding that Washington has intended to prove that without its presence no security would exist in the world.

"During the past 11 years, US has, increasingly, tightened security measures inside the country under the pretext of patriotism while its real objective was to further limit Muslims rights.

"Official intelligence reports released inside America showed that under the intensified security atmosphere, Muslims were subjected to tough cases of arrests and consequently, a wave of racist moves started throughout the United States against them."

The paper then recalled a statement made by the then US president, George W Bush, who had said after the US attack on Afghanistan that the war in Afghanistan was "a Crusade."

"Although Bush later rephrased his words, the crusade was truly underway since then," wrote the paper referring to US crimes during the past 11 years against Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan.

Under the pretext of fighting against terrorism, US officials made military attacks against Muslim states, an act which led to massacre of thousands of Muslims, it said, adding, "They have even made an anti-Islamic environment worldwide which ended up to intensification of racist measures against Muslims in the entire world, particularly in Europe."

The paper regretted that the US anti-Muslims measures have led to the apathy of the world public opinion and those of the international bodies towards Muslims' problems.

The impassivity of the international community later mounted to the extent that they turned their back to the Muslims who were hit by poverty and hunger in Africa or those who were massacred in Myanmar, the paper concluded.

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