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Uzbek Who Threatened to Kill Obama to Plead Guilty

RIA Novosti

11:04 19/01/2012 MOSCOW, January 19 (RIA Novosti) - A native of Uzbekistan accused in the United States of threatening to kill President Barack Obama is to plead guilty, The Birmingham News reported Thursday.

Ulugbek Kodirov earlier denied the accusation, as well as a related charge of possession of illegal firearms, However, he will formally change the plea during a February 10 hearing, the report said.

Kodirov, who is on trial in Alabama, was arrested last July, soon after he purchased an M15 rifle from undercover agents of the Department of Homeland Security.

He told the agents at their previous meetings that he would be prepared to kill Obama, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

Kodirov was a devout Muslim and expressed sympathy for Islamic terrorists, frequently visiting their web sites, court documents say. Law enforcement agents also reported looking for “Jihadist manuals and training materials” during a search at his apartmen, but did not elaborate on their findings.

Kodirov also had four illegally obtained grenades in his possession, although "without gunpowder in them."

However, he was not a suicide bomber, as his prime plan was to shoot Obama long-range, agents told the court earlier.

The Uzbekistan national came to the United States on a legitimate student visa in July 2009 but stayed in the country illegally when his visa was revoked last year after he failed to enroll in a school.

Kodirov faces up to five years in prison for threatening to kill Obama and 10 years on each charge of illegal firearms possession.

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