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Supreme Leader: Fight against terrorism 'unavoidable responsibility'

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, June 25, IRNA -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolutioin Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that the fight against the 'evil phenomenon of terrorism is an unavoidable responsibility' for all countries.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a message which was read in the opening session of the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism which started its work here with the participation of heads of states from 60 countries.

The message of the Supreme Leader was read to the opening session of the two-day event by his advisor for the international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati.

The full text of the Supreme Leader’s message reads as follows:

“It give me great pleasure to express to you all my sincere welcome and utmost appreciations for your participation in this important gathering to discuss and examine terrorism which has turned to be one of the most disastrous phenomena in the world community.

“Undoubtedly, meetings and events like this must continue to prepare a conducive ground for a conscious determination and sincere efforts at the global level, leading In'shaallah, to concrete actions in dealing with this painful phenomenon.

“Our trust in divine wisdom and guidance further motivates us to pursue our efforts in cooperation and in harmony with all those who dedicate themselves with a strong sense of responsibility to play a part in such humanitarian campaigns.

“Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. It is not a product of recent periods. However the emergence of horrific weapons of mass destruction has made it hundreds of times more dangerous.

“More shockingly and important is the calculations of satanic world powers, which use terrorism in their policies and planning to achieve their illegitimate goals. Historical memories in the minds of nations in our region will never forget how colonial powers planned to occupy Palestine and expel Palestinian people form their homeland, by organizing and arming terrorist organizations such as the Zionism International Agency and tens of similar groups which committed those horrendous crimes in Deir Yasin and in other places.

“The Zionist regime, since the very beginning of its creation until now, has continued shamelessly and openly its terrorist acts outside and inside Palestine. Both the former and incumbent leaders of the Zionist regime feel proud of their terrorist background and in some cases, of their direct involvement in terror operations.
“Another example is the United States that has a long list of terrorist behaviors by financing and arming terrorist organizations in the region. The deadly attacks of American drones against defenseless families in villages and in the most deprived areas of Afghanistan have turned, many times, weddings into mourning ceremonies.

“Crimes by the Black Water in Iraq, killing Iraqi citizens and elites, assisting terrorist groups in Iran, Iraq and in Pakistan, assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in cooperation with Mossad, shutting down Iran's passenger aircraft in the Persian Gulf that left 300 men, women and children killed are part of this shameful and unforgettable list of American acts of terrorism.

“The United States, Britain and some Western governments, with a black record in terrorist behaviors, have now added to their rhetoric the claim of fighting terrorism. They are the same terrorists, who during 1980s, massacred thousands of innocent people in Iran. They killed 72 of Iranian senior officials, academic figures, and scores of parliamentarian in a single act of terrorism.

“In another terrorist act, our president and prime minister were martyred and the perpetrators of these terror attacks are now living in some European countries under the protection of European governments. With such behaviors, it is a shame to claim to be leading the fight against terrorism.

“Meanwhile the Untied States and its allies call Palestinian freedom fighters as terrorists, a deceitful definition which constitutes the basic problem of terrorism in the present world.

“From the standpoint of the leaders of hegemonic powers, everything that threatens their illegitimate interests is viewed as terrorism. All struggles intended to defend a cause against the occupiers and interventionist forces are regarded by them as terrorism.

“But they never call those evil forces and evil cells that are a plague against the life and security of innocent people.
A clear and exact defection of terrorism can be one of your fundamental works and objectives in the present meeting.

“By relying on the noble teachings of Islam with its underlying principles for human dignity, where the loss of an innocent life is considered the loss of the entire humanity, and as a nation which has suffered heavy losses on the part of violent terrorism we believe that the fight against this evil phenomenon is an unavoidable responsibility, and by the grace of Allah we remain dedicated to continue this great fight with greater force.”

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