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UK navy website suspended after being hacked

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, Nov 8, IRNA -- Britain’s Royal Navy website was suspended Monday after being hacked into over the weekend by a Romanian operating under the name TinKode.

In a blogpost on Saturday, TinKode claimed to have breached security on the site, providing details of the hack, together with names and passwords of users.

Comments on the blog praised his ingenuity. 'TinKode doesn't need sophisticated weapons to disarm an army. He just needs a PC,' wrote one. 'Nice one again TinKode!' said another.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed security on its public relations website was compromised over the weekend, but insisted that no classified information was breached.

'There has been no malicious damage, but as a precaution the website has been temporarily suspended. Security teams are investigating,' the MoD was quoted saying by the Guardian.

The Romanian-based technology site, Softpedia, said TinKode has a track record of exposing the vulnerability of high-profile websites, including YouTube, Nasa and US army sites.

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