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No Pakistan involvement in Mumbai attacks: Mukhtar

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Nov 28, IRNA
Defence minister on Thursday said his country had played no role in terrorist attacks in Mumbai that killed more than 125 people and injured hundreds more.

Mukhtar was responding to an assertion by India's military that the militants who conducted the attacks in the southern India city had come from Pakistan.

"In previous cases they have acted like this, but later it all proved wrong," Mukhtar told PTV, referring to previous claims from India of Pakistani involvement in terrorist attacks.

"We are very much positive that Pakistan is not involved in this," the defence minister said, adding that he would wait to see if accusations of Pakistani involvement also came from India's government.

"We are worried over this, they have suffered a big damage," he added.

"In our country also such things are happening as we are fighting a war against terrorism."

India's Major General R.K. Hooda, who is leading the military operation to flush out the extremists in Mumbai, told reporters that Pakistanis were conducting the attacks and pretending to be from within India.


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