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Homeland Security

India, Saudi Arabia agree to cooperate on fighting terrorism

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New Delhi, Jan 27, IRNA
India-Saudi Arabia-Joint Declaration
Noting that terrorism is a scourge for all mankind and there is a need to intensify and coordinate bilateral, regional and global cooperation to combat and eradicate the menace, the two countries agreed to cooperate to fight this and other transnational crimes like money laundering, drugs and arms smuggling in a sustained and comprehensive manner.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi Friday signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on combating crime that would help in the fight against terrorism, extremism and criminal elements, it said.

The MoU said the two countries shall make concerted efforts for an early realization of the proposals to conclude a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism which is before the UN General Assembly and the setting up of an International Counter Terrorism Centre as called for by the International Conference on Counter Terrorism held in Riyadh in February last year.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Saudi King signed a landmark "Delhi Declaration" under which the two sides will work for closer cooperation in the field of information and communication technology, agriculture, bio-technology and non-conventional energy technologies.

The elements of the proposed strategic energy partnership between the oil-rich Sheikdom and energy hungry India include reliable, stable and increased volume of crude oil supplies through "evergreen" long term contracts.

It also envisages cooperative and joint ventures, both in the public and private sectors, in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors in India and Saudi Arabia as well as in their countries.

Saudi investments in oil refining, marketing and storage in India, subject to commercial viability and setting up of India-Saudi, subject to commercial viability and setting up of India-Saudi ventures for gas-based fertiliser plants in Saudi Arabia are other aspects of the energy partnership.

Also the two sides agreed that cooperation in the field of science and technology, tourism, youth affairs and sport, agriculture research and education, technical education and vocational training and other fields of mutual benefit should be intensified through signing of agreements and memorandum of understanding as necessary, it said.

Reflecting the view that India and Saudi Arabia are developing a broad strategic vision, both countries are determined to work together closely for the welfare and benefit of their peoples and stability in the region and the world, it said.

Both countries recognised the close inter-linkage of the stability and security of the Persian Gulf region and the Indian sub-continent and the need for maintaining a secure and peaceful environment for the development of the countries in the region.

In the field of political cooperation, both sides exchanged views about international developments, especially those related to the dle East and expressed their commitment to the principles of international legality and the importance of maintaining international peace and stability.

The two sides welcomes the ongoing dialogue between India and Pakistan and their continued efforts aimed at settling the outstanding issues between the two countries.

Emphasising the importance of the Beirut Arab Peace initiative and the Road Map, the two sides realised that the complementarity between the two plans would invigorate the peace process in the Middle East and lead to the establishment of a viable and independent stage of Palestine within secure borders side by side with Israel.

With regard to the Iraqi situation, both sides expressed the hope that Iraq would turn a new page in history that will assure its security, unity, territorial integrity and prosperity and respect for its sovereignty and independence.


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