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Part of New York Subway Station Closed Amid Terror Threat

07 October 2005

Millions of New Yorkers have headed to work under tightened security Friday, after city officials announced a threat of a terrorist attack on the subway system.

Police say parts of New York's Pennsylvania Station were sealed off Friday morning, closing the portion of the subway station used by Amtrak trains. Workers in hazardous material suits and police with dogs are now on the scene. No further information is available yet.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said late Thursday officials had never before had such a specific threat to the city's famed subway system.

FBI official Mark Mershon said the threat was "partially disrupted," and that information on the threat came following the recent arrest f three people in Iraq.

In Washington, Homeland Security official, Russ Knocke downplayed the seriousness of the threat, saying the information received "is of doubtful credibility."

New York police have increased patrols after receiving information that as many as 20 people might be involved in a plot to hide explosives in baby strollers, briefcases and packages on the subway system.

Some information for this report provided by AP and Reuters.

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