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Hamas condemns Sharm El Sheikh bombings

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Al-Khalil, July 23, IRNA
The Palestinian Islamic Resistance group, Hamas, has strongly condemned the car bombings at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt Saturday, calling them a "crime against Islam and Muslims." Hamas spokesman in the West Bank, Hasan Yousuf, told that "this blind and indiscriminate terror against innocent civilians, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, is a manifestly criminal act which we reject without any hesitation."
Yousuf said "these horrible crimes and acts of terror constitute a serious deviation from Islam.'
"This is no Jihad, Jihad is war against oppression, against a foreign occupation against an enemy. But slaughtering innocent Egyptian bread-winners and foreign tourists is no Jihad, it is sheer terror."
Yousuf rejected any comparison between the Sharm el- Sheikh bombings and the London bombings on the one hand and Palestinian resistance attack as "corrupt and misplaced."
"We are fighting for our survival. Israel is murdering our children on a daily basis, destroying our homes and bulldozing our farms and fields. Israel is waging a holocaust against us, besides, Israel is a military society."
The bombings have also drawn strong condemnations from both the Mufti of Palestine, Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, and the Supreme Muslim Sharia judge in the West Bank, Sheikh Taysir Tamimi.

Sabri described the bombings as "painful and calamitous events of which Islam is innocent."
"Our religion is a religion of mercy and tolerance. These terrorist acts are a crime against Islam and Muslims," Sabri told IRNA.

He accused "sinister international circles" of standing behind these evil acts for the purpose of besmirching Islam's image and giving the enemies of Islam a pretext to vilify Muslims.

"If the perpetrators are Muslims, I would like to tell them to fear God because these acts of terror and bloodshed are no Jihad but criminal acts that harm Islam and undermine the interests of Muslims." Sheikh Tamimi said Islam "abhors and rejects these nefarious acts of killings."
"You ask what is the position of the Islamic Law on these acts, well, Islam is totally against the killing of innocent people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike."
Tamimi said foreign tourists, visitors or diplomats residing in an Islamic state have the same right to well-being, safety and dignity as citizens.

"Hence, any crime against these tourists is a crime against God, His messenger and the entire Islamic Umma."
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has also condemned the bombings at Sharm el-Sheikh as "senseless acts of terror against a brotherly state."


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