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Police Evacuate London Subway Stations, Blair Meets with Security Officials

By VOA News
21 July 2005

British police have evacuated three London subway stations and a city bus following reports of incidents on the transport lines, as Prime Minister Tony Blair met with the leaders of the country's security services.

Emergency services have been dispatched to the scene. Authorities say there are no injuries, but service on at least three subway lines has been suspended. There are reports of smoke at one station, but no further details are available.

The evacuations come exactly two weeks after a series of blasts on subway trains and a city bus killed at least 56 people.

Mr. Blair's meeting Thursday, is focusing on what new powers security officials need to prevent a repeat of the deadly suicide bombings in London.

Among the issues they are likely to discuss is whether evidence from phone-tapping should be allowed in court.

On Wednesday, Home Secretary Charles Clark called the proposal part of planned measures in response to the bombings.

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