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RIA Novosti

MINSK, March 29 (RIA Novosti, Olesya Luchaninova) - A man, suspected in organizing terrorist acts in Dubrovka and Budyonnovsk, was detained in the Minsk-2 Airport in Belarus, when he showed a forged passport. The man arrived in Minsk from Istanbul, Belarus state television reported.

Numaritamet Khatoyev is a citizen of Russia, a Chechen who is suspected in taking part in bandit groups and in organizing terrorist acts in Budyonnovsk and Dubrovka. Presently he is kept in the remand center.

The Belarus law enforcement bodies found out the name of the detained after they turned to the Russian secret services and sent them fingerprints of the detained. Only then did Khatoyev named himself.

The Belarus state television channel showed fragments of Khatoyev's investigation, when he admitted his participation in active military actions against the federal forces in Chechnya after 1999. He asked the Belarus law enforcers not to extradite him to Russia.

At the present time, the Belarus and Russian law enforcement bodies are conducting negotiations about the extradition of the detained, the TV channel said.

In the summer 1995 an armed band of Shamil Basayev attacked Budyonnovsk in the Stavropol Territory. As a result, 148 policemen and citizens were killed and dozens of dwelling houses were destroyed.

On October 23, 2002, terrorists seized the Theater Center in Dubrovka. 912 people found themselves hostages, 130 of them died. Forty terrorists in the Theater Center were eliminated.

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