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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 22 (RIA Novosti) - About 1,200 legal and physical entities have been included into a list of suspects in extremist activities. So runs a report, made by Viktor Zubkov, chief of the federal financial monitoring service (Rosfinmonitoring, a kind of Russia's FATF-Financial Action Task Force on money laundering), at a conference on the state of and prospects for economic education in Russia. This report was published Tuesday at the Rosfinmonitoring official site.

The bedrock of the list is a sanctions list on the UN Security Council resolutions as well as prosecutor office information about the passed verdicts of guilty and on-going legal proceedings in accordance with relevant articles of the Russian Federation's Criminal Code, says the report.

Financial operations with the participation of persons figuring in this list or those connected with them are liable to mandatory control. Transactions with persons included into the "terrorist" part of the list should be suspended for a term of two workdays by financial institutions themselves.

On the check-up of information that has come from financial bodies, Rosfinmonitoring extends the suspension of operations for another five workdays and reports to law-enforcement bodies.

The report reveals that financial flows controlled by Rosfinmonitoring, increased in 2004, in comparison with 2003, by more than 2.5 times to reach 25.5 trillion rubles ($1 equals 27.52 rubles), which roughly corresponds to the country's nine or ten annual budgets.

Information received by Rosfinmonitoring from financial organizations, Russian law-enforcement bodies and foreign financial intelligence enabled 3,260 financial audits in 2004. Legal proceeding have been initiated on more than half of the cases.

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