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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 21 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Deputy Justice Minister Yevgeni Sidorenko believes that the current law On the Struggle Against Terrorism is "hopelessly out of date" and a new law, On the Opposition to Terrorism, should be adopted without delay. He said this on Monday at the sitting of the ad-hoc commission of the Federation Council to elaborate legislative antiterrorist proposals. Sidorenko heads the working group of the government entering the commission.

He recalled that the new wording of the law introduces the notion of the regime of the danger of terrorism, provides for the involvement of the armed forces in averting and preventing acts of terrorism.

Sidorenko also comes out for a more active use of international legislation in the perfection of the Russian laws aimed against terrorism.

"It would deem possible introducing a set of sanctions against the states to be accused of connivance at terrorists. International practice can cite such facts, which we cannot", he said.

In turn, FSB deputy director Vyacheslav Ushakov voiced himself for the federal organs of executive power to have a plenipotentiary organ for combating terrorism. In his opinion, this would further promote coordination of counterterrorist measures.

"It is not necessary to set up a new organ. The present organ of power should be empowered with the corresponding authority", Ushakov believes.

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