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RIA Novosti

BRUSSELS, March 17 (RIA Novosti's Alexander Shishlo) - Russia and the European Union set the goal of preventing access to components of weapons of mass destruction for terrorists. Special representative of the Russian president in the struggle against terrorism and transnational crime Anatoli Safonov told the press conference in Brussels on Thursday.

"If in other sectors we cannot rule out terrorist sorties, in this direction (struggle against WMD terrorism) we are facing the goal of non-admission of terrorists to components of weapons of mass destruction, Mr. Safonov said.

He said that out of the three kinds of weapons of mass destruction - chemical, nuclear and biological - Russia and the European Union are going to devote much attention to biological weapons. Mr. Safonov also said that, after a number of man-caused catastrophes, crises and natural cataclysms, the international community is facing the problem of reaction to such global crises.

"Reaction of the international community to that should be at the same level", Mr. Safonov said. "In this list is the question of our technical, financial-economic, operative, information and personnel readiness".

According to the special representative of the Russian president, Russia's cooperation with the European Union in general does not rule out Russia's interaction with other organizations - the United Nations, G8 countries, NATO, OSCE, CIS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as cooperation at the bilateral level.

The problem of strategic interaction in the struggle against terrorism between Russia and the European Union has, in principle, been resolved, Mr. Safonov believes.

The main problem of today he calls isolating terrorists from the sources of funding, radical ideological beefing-up and human resources. "If this goal is met, we will feel that the results of our joint effort have become much more tangible", Mr. Safonov said.

"We have come to absolute understanding on our cooperation being vitally necessary", said the presidential representative. And noted that "more and more efficiency and concrete deeds are felt in our interaction. This goes for actually every element".

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