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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 16 (RIA Novosti) - We should combat terrorism the same way as we fought against Nazism during World War II, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Igor Ivanov said at the opening ceremony of the new Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

"The tragic experience of the past should consolidate our resolution to take joint efforts to combat global threats and challenges of the new century, above all terrorism. It is as perfidious and ruthless as Nazism," Mr. Ivanov said.

"Terrorists whose target is mass murders of people are opposed to the civilized world. They have neither nationality, nor religion," he emphasized.

Mr. Ivanov also spoke about the situation in the Middle East. In his opinion, overall peace in the region can be achieved by implementing the road map plan drafted by the four international intermediaries, including Russia.

"Russia should promote the implementation of this plan," he noted.

According to him, "peace and stability in the Middle East will be our contribution to the Holocaust commemoration."

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