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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 14 (RIA Novosti) - Russian and French law enforcement officers will meet to discuss anti-terror operation methods, says Vasili Panchenkov, Interior Troops chief of PR at Russia's Interior Ministry.

Russian Interior Troops delegates arrived in France today on an official visit, led by Colonel-General Nikolai Rogozhkin, Interior Troops commander-in-chief.

Invited by Army General Guy Parero, Central Board chief of France's National Gendarmerie, the visitors will spend four days debating general concepts of anti-terror operations and their preparation. The Russian and French colleagues will exchange know-how of service organization, guarding public order, and special-purpose unit training.

A National Gendarmerie delegation visited Russia's Interior Troops High Command, October last, for firsthand information about Interior Troops goals and missions, as specified by a federal law on the Interior Troops. The delegates met commanders of the Moscow and Northwest Interior Troops districts, and visited several units, among them a rapid retaliation brigade stationed in Sofrino near Moscow, and the Detached Operation Division-the Interior Troops' longest-established, which bases in Balashikha, also in the Moscow environs.

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