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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 11 (RIA Novosti) - The Federation Council approved the federal draft on amending some laws of the Russian Federation concerning security measures in air transport on Friday. A hundred and thirty-three senators voted for this decision, with two opposing it and three abstaining from voting.

The law was drafted to enhance air transport securities, Chairman of the Committee for Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov specified.

According to the official, the law broadens powers of law enforcement authorities in preflight examination, and authorizes them to carry out additional examination during investigative work, criminal proceedings and other kinds of activity.

The law also suggests additional requirements to the employment of new staff and the execution of documents for their admission to air transport security work.

The law obliges the transporter to provide law enforcement authorities with information about clients, which is contained in travel documents.

The law is to be signed by the president.

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