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News Release

  No. 988-03
IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 30, 2003

Military Commission Legal Advisor Announced

     The Department of Defense announced today that Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Hemingway has been named the legal advisor to the appointing authority in the Office of Military Commissions.  Hemingway is responsible for providing legal advice to the appointing authority on approval of charges and referring cases to trial, questions that arise during trial and other legal matters relating to military commissions.  His duties also include supervising the appointing authority legal staff. 


     Hemingway retired from active duty after 31 years of service in 1996 and has been recalled to active duty to fill his current position.  The general has served as a staff judge advocate at the group, wing, numbered air force, major command and unified command level.  He also served as a senior judge on the Air Force Court of Military Review and as director of the U.S. Air Force Judiciary. 


     His biography is available at

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