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Al Qaeda was a product of US cold war policies: Aminzadeh

 New Delhi, July 22, IRNA -- Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-  
Pacific Affairs Mohsen Aminzadeh on Tuesday evening said, Al Qaeda was
a product of US cold war policies to create and strengthen the radical
religious groups to contain the Soviet Union and the Islamic Republic 
of Iran.                                                              
    According to an IRNA reporter, Aminzadeh in a lecture titled      
'West Asia After 9/11', in a gathering organized by Indian Council of 
World Affairs (ICWA), said: "Nine eleven was an event of extraordinary
impact on international relations and a turning point in US foreign   
policy. The event helped US identify a new enemy for its policies     
which was lost after of Soviet collapse."                             
    In a well-attended galaxies of military experts, academicians,    
socialites, media tycoons and ambassadors, Aminzadeh said, terrorism  
was given a tangible meaning in US society and combat against         
terrorism entered into an operational phase. In fact, it was given    
the new conservatives (the so-called new cons) enough pretexts to     
further develop defense industries as the boosting of military might  
was once again in the focus of attention.                             
    Elaborating on the phenomenon, Aminzadeh said, "Extremism and     
terrorism on one hand, is a very dangerous phenomenon that may provoke
insecurity, violence and crime in West Asia while on the other hand,  
it may create enough pretexts for the huge presence of foreign forces 
in the region with sufficient ground for further expansion.           
    "Military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq within the span of   
two years, coupled with the extensive stationing of military forces   
have added to difficulties and uncertainty in the region," he said.   
    He said the Saddam regime launched its regional adventurism for   
the quarter of a century because of encouragement it found in the US  
tendency to preserve and strengthen a power hostile to the Islamic    
Revolution of Iran.                                                   
    "Peace and security in the region requires participation of all   
members of global community, particularly influential countries in    
the region," he said.                                                 

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