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Homeland Security

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

ELTA Systems Wide Range of Homeland Security Solutions to Counter Terrorism Threats

Jun 14, 2003

Border Protection ScenarioIAI's subsidiary ELTA Systems Group proven experience in developing solutions to fight terrorists in Israel are now offered to IAI's international customers. Some of these systems will be on display at the 2003 Paris Air Show.

The events of September 11, 2001 continue to cast a shadow over many countries. Subsequent warnings and attacks have added to the threat of terrorist attacks, and have led to an increase in demand for Homeland Security solutions to these threats.

In response to the existing and growing worldwide threat of terrorism, IAI's subsidiary ELTA Systems Group is developing advanced solutions, based on ELTA's expertise and the use of proven technologies in the proactive fight against terror.

Aerostat ELTA's systems and technologies solutions against potential threats are offered in the following areas:

- Ground and costal border protections systems

- Systems for the protection of international border crossings (naval, airport and border pass security systems)

- Site security systems (for vital installations such as energy sites, government, etc.)

- Commercial aircraft self-protection system ("Flight Guard")

- Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) information gathering systems, focusing on terrorist infrastructures.

EL M-2129 - Medium range movement detection radarToday, ELTA already operates a wide range of different equipment deployed to protect Israel' s borders and installations. Responding to current threats, the company had deployed a defense system along the "seam line" (the separation area between Israel and the Palestinian Authority) to demonstrate concept and hardware efficacy. The system includes a command and control center, integrated observation systems (an EL/M-2129 movement detection and security radar, and a POP - Plug in Optronic Payload optical sensor). Additional options are: surveillance balloon (aerostat), an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Communication Intelligence (COMINT) systems.

These products are designed to work in interactive synergy with active forces at all levels of deployment. They can be adapted to meet each customer's needs, and can easily be integrated with a customer's existing capabilities.

The system is designed to create virtual control areas, which are created by the integration of different sensor systems. At the appropriate stage, the system alerts, activates and manages the timely deployment of interception forces to frustrate any attempt to penetrate the border.

ELTA systems Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd. (IAI), is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and one of the global leaders in some of its areas of expertise. It operates as a defense systems house based on electromagnetic sensors and Information Technology. Its products are designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, early warning and control, self-protection and self-defense, target acquisition and fire control applications. ELTA's products include components and subassemblies designed and produced in-house, which enable the company to offer comprehensive solutions, tailored and adapted to customers and users special requirements. Based on its existing advanced technologies, ELTA is also active in para-military and commercial markets.

ELTA Systems is a partner in numerous teaming agreements with other defense companies around the world.

For further information, please contact:

Doron Suslik
Deputy Corp. VP Communications
Tel: 972 (3) 935-8509
Fax: 972 (3) 935-8512
Email: hpaz@iai.co.il

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