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SLUG: SE-AM-New Twenty-Dollar Bill


TYPE=Special English Feature



BYLINE=Paul Thompson



EDITOR=Shelley Gollust



Criminals often print false money. This kind of criminal activity is a big problem in many countries around the world. The United States will soon begin printing money that will be very difficult to copy. _________ explains.


The United States government recently announced new efforts to halt the printing of false money. This kind of criminal activity is called counterfeiting. The government says about forty-four-million dollars in counterfeit money was produced last year. Experts say modern computers and printing methods have made counterfeiting easier than ever before.

Government officials recently showed the public a new design for the American paper money most often illegally copied. That is the twenty-dollar bill. The announcement was part of an education program to help make sure people all over the world know about the new money and understand its security designs.

One of these security designs is the use of different colors. American money has always been mostly green. For the first time in history the new twenty-dollar bill will be blue and orange as well as green.

The new bill will also have a device called a security thread inside the paper. The thread can be easily seen if the money is held up to the light. And a special colored number twenty will be printed in the lower right side of the bill. This number changes color when the bill is moved.

A picture of American President Andrew Jackson will still be printed on the front of the new twenty-dollar bill. However, his picture can also be seen if you hold the bill up to the light. It is printed again using a method called a watermark inside the paper.

The United States Treasury Department says the new twenty-dollar bill will be in public use later this year. New fifty and one-hundred dollar bills will be printed next year and the year after. New ten-dollar and five-dollar notes are also being considered. However, officials say they have no plans to change the American one and two-dollar bills.

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