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Sunghan Kim

Military Journal

US Correspondent: 6/2016 – Present

Prominent publication sSeen by all of Korean military, Blue House, Korean Pentagon and Korean CIA etc...)

  • Write columns for the Military Journal about North Korean issues on a regular basis.
  • Translated many English newspapers, magazines and articles from English to Korean
  • Translated many Korean newspapers, magazines and articles from Korean to English for the many people in the field of foreign affairs in U.S think tanks, colleges, congress and government etc..

Korean Freedom Alliance (Headquarters in Washington DC)

Vice president (Chicago regional president): 06/2014~ Present

  • Provided intelligence information regarding North Korean issues for the FBI.
  • Gathered intelligence information on the inside of the North Korean situation through the North Korean defectors who openly visit and communicate with people in North Korea.
  • Worked for the passage of the H.R 757 bill in order to shake brutal North Korean regime, persuading major Korean-American organizations.
  • Write columns on The Korea Times about North Korean issues on a regular basis from 2014 to Current.
  • Write articles and news stories for Korean media such as Daily NK, Monthly Chosun, Chosun.com(Chosun Pub), Sports Chosun, New Daily, Chogabje.com, Inside the world, Blue Today, The Korea Daily(Joongang ilbo) Chicago and many others.
  • Conducted news interviews with American North Korean experts such as Dr. Bruce Bennett, Suzanne Scholte, Greg Scarlatoiu, Mike Green, Michael O’Hanlon, Graham Allison, Joshua Stanton, Nicholas Eberstadt, Robert A. Manning, Bruce E. Bechtol and many others who mainly have formerly worked in the U.S government and are currently working in think tanks.
  • Gave multiple public speeches regarding North Korean issues & human rights and North Korea’s nuclear arms and ICBM threat to U.S mainland
  • Closely cooperate with leaders of North Korean defectors’ organizations (eg, Balloon sending to North Korea, Free North Korea Radio, etc)
  • Gather information for news story for in Military Journal Korea.
  • Translate and send articles from U.S magazines, books, newspapers and such material to the head office in Korea

Korean American TV Broadcasting Co.

Reporter & News Anchor 06/1992~08/1994

Kim started working in the Chicago area at the Korean American Broadcasting Co.. It was an exciting experience and remains a great memory. The responsibilities of my position were to translate articles each morning from the Chicago Tribune into Korean news articles for the local KBC news clip. He also researched other sources to find additional articles of interest from mainstream magazines for the Korean TV news such as Time, Business Weeks, and Fortune. ABC, NBC, CNN were also valuable sources utilized when analyzed and translated news from English into Korean. Reading and translation skills were tremendously developed due to that experience. The translating employment inspired a strong awareness and interest in the economical state and especially the political state of affairs of the U.S. In 2004, he was promoted to Channel 26 morning news anchor, contributing many achievements for the Korean American TV Broadcasting Co. Working as a reporter and anchor, he conducted news interview with celebrities such as Chicago Major Richard Daley, Senators, presidents of big companies etc. in order to collect news stories.

North Park University, MBA
Chicago, IL. US
Master's Degree - 8/1994
Major: Economics

KyungSung University Pusan, South Korea
Bachelor's Degree - 2/1988
Major: Public Administration within the Department of Law and Political Science

Country of citizenship: United States of America (U.S citizen)

Email: dc7480@gmail.com