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Praise from Others

"GlobalSecurity.org is an invaluable resource on military, intelligence and national security matters." [Bob Woodward in Plan of Attack, Simon & Schuster, April 2004]

National Journal's Guide To The Web: Iraq -- Peacekeeping National Journal (12/05/2003) "I find the Global Security Web site offers the best compilation of up-to-date news reports on Iraq, hard-to-find briefing materials from the Pentagon and other sources, and a comprehensive archive of articles and reports relating to Iraq. They also tend to steer clear of a lot of subjective analysis and stick to the straight facts."

National Journal's Guide To The Web: Military Transformation National Journal (12/05/2003) "Want to know more about the missiles that shot down U.S. helicopters in Iraq? Or how many U.S. forces are in which countries around the world? Or the brief history of each of 31 civil wars and uprisings currently under way around the globe? Or are you interested in the history of the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone? That's just a fraction of the staggering (and sometimes bewildering) database compiled by the eminently quotable John Pike at GlobalSecurity.org."

National Journal's Guide To The Web: Weapons of Mass Destruction National Journal (12/05/2003) "GlobalSecurity.org mounts an extensive site covering the full spectrum of WMD issues, but providing a unique focus on U.S. weapons-of-mass-destruction capabilities and policies. Want to know the status of Minuteman III ICBMs in North Dakota? Check this site first. Look here also for fresh satellite imagery of possible nuclear sites in the "axis of evil" nations. John Pike, another Web pioneer, heads the site and ensures an exhaustive supply of information."

"Gearheads will want to keep tabs on GlobalSecurity.org, the brainchild of defense guru John Pike. Great backgrounders here on the fedayeen and urban warfare, plus tons and tons of useful maps." [The Village Voice]

"Terry Atlas, assistant managing editor of U.S News and World Report, reads the Web sites of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (www.csis.org) and GlobalSecurity.org, which has detailed satellite photos."

"The website that puts you in the commander-in-chief's chair." [The Times (London)]

"If conflict does erupt in the Gulf every private would be well-advised to take that proverbial Field Marshall's baton out of their packs and substitute it with a laptop with access to John Pike's superb site!" [Jonathan Macus, Defence Correspondent, BBC]

"With all the speculation about American intentions for Iraq, there has been one place where, to the chagrin of the administration, people can find a few hard facts." [The New York Times September 22, 2002]

" ... online resources such as GlobalSecurity.org's "Target: Iraq" are the closest thing we may have to thoughtful analysis of the matter. Includes pros and cons of attack, the likeliest battle scenarios, weaponry at our disposal, and more." USA Today

Ira Flatow NPR Talk of the Nation ".. go to John Pike's site and look up all this security stuff at GlobalSecurity.org.."

CNN's Joie Chen "A lot of us have turned into news junkies by what happened on September 11, and since that time.... One that I particularly liked is GlobalSecurity.org."

Forbes Best of the Web "There's no need to bother with TV's know-it-all talking heads and obnoxious ads when you can download the same videos and images from Pike's site.."

The National Journal GlobalSecurity.org ranked among the five "Best of the Top Sites" among Defense Web Sites.

"The respected defense consultant GlobalSecurity.org serves up an online compendium of info about the war on terrorism." USA Today