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2018 News

  1. First Time Helicopter Succeeded in Fire Fighting Operation at Night i-HLS - Israel Homeland Security-Mar 19, 2018 - The S-61 heavy helicopters are a good resource for combating wildfires, as they are capable of transporting large amounts of water quickly from local water sources to be used on spot fires or continuously attacking a hotspot to assist ground crews in areas too hot to handle, according to globalsecurity.org.
  2. China Has Started To Build Its Own Space Plane Wonderful Engineering -Mar 11, 2018 - Globalsecurity.org has described CASIC as a “high tech enterprise” which is directly under control by the Chinese government and includes seven research institutes, two research & production bases, six listed companies, almost 600 enterprises and public institutes.
  3. RC Soldiers Filling AD Vacancies: DVIDS -Feb 21, 2018 - For more information about the Sky Soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade visit army.mil/skysoldier or skysoldier.net and to learn about Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa go to globalsecurity.org (OEF-HOA)
  4. Are Huawei, ZTE Phones Actually Unsafe? Tom's Guide-Feb 15, 2018 - "... are you really running a higher privacy or security risk if you use a Huawei or ZTE smartphone? Would they be riskier than any other Chinese-made phones? Pretty simply, no and no," said George Smith, a senior fellow at the GlobalSecurity.org think tank. "You can't avoid Chinese products, anyway, in the market, so one wonders why they would even get around to saying this."
  5. China is Obsessed with Killing the Navy's Aircraft Carriers The National Interest Online (blog)-Feb 13, 2018 - According to Globalsecurity.org, redeployments of Chinese long-range missile forces continued into 1996, and the Chinese military actually prepared for military action. China drew up contingency plans for thirty days of missile strikes against Taiwan, one strike a day, shortly after the March 1996 presidential elections
  6. The New Threat Posed by Privatizing America's Intelligence Agencies Mintpress News -Feb 12, 2018 - Because of how undeveloped the U.S. national security apparatus was going into the digital age, after 9/11 the U.S. government tried to shorten the learning curve by hiring contractors in droves to make up the gap in actionable intelligence. This meant, says John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, that America’s spy network would soon resemble NASA’s mission control room in Houston. “Most people, when they see that room, think they’re looking at a bunch of NASA people,” Pike notes. “But it’s 90 percent contractors.”
  7. This is America's Top-Secret Plan to Crush North Korea in a War The National Interest Online (blog)-Feb 11, 2018 “The new plan was said to adapt to changes in the security environment by focusing on making a swifter and more energetic military response than the previous OPLAN 5027, incorporating the concept of a preemptive strike,” according to Globalsecurity.org.
  8. Russian Hackers Duped US Defense Contractors Into Exposing Secret Military Tech BY SUNDEEP KAVANAL RADESH ON 02/08/18 International Business Times - A GlobalSecurity.Org report said Russia, in 2015, had a military budget of about $66.4 billion (AP analyzed data from March 2015 and May 2016). In stark contrast, the world’s biggest military spender by some distance, the United States, had a budget of $596 billion, roughly 9 times more than Russia’s.
  9. Failed US Missile Test May Drive Seoul to Boost Defense Capability - Analysts 02.02.2018 "Every missile test is done for a reason in order to clarify it does indeed do what it’s designed to do. If we find it does not do that, we have to go back and find out why and learn the lessons accordingly. That’s the process which the United States is still going through. I think the level of reliability that we have at the present time is ‘getting there, but it’s not there yet’. It’s a technology that is still being perfected," Charles Vick, an expert on missiles systems and a senior analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a private research group in the US city of Alexandria, Virginia, told Sputnik.
  10. Who are the YPG Which US Supports and Turkey Fights in Syria? Conspiracy Talk News (blog) By Chris Wick - Jan 29, 2018 - Although the YPG are considered to be the armed wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) , the main Kurdish opposition political group in Syria – established in 2003 and with an ideology similar to the PKK -, according to Global Security, the militia has tried to define itself as an apolitical and multi-ethnic organization that defends all religious communities
  11. Japan Could Have an ICBM in "Less Than a Year", Says Expert The National Interest Online (blog)-Jan 23, 2018 - “The Japanese have tested re-entry materials” that can be used for nuclear warhead technology,” noted Pike, who runs the military intelligence website globalsecurity.org. The only significant hurdle would be fabricating a nuclear warhead and its accompanying “dispenser” mechanism...
  12. China Wants Missile Defenses To Stop India (And Kill Satellites) The National Interest Online (blog)-Jan 19, 2018 - John Pike, a space security expert who heads the military think tank globalsecurity.org, agrees that China is moving on missile defense. “We haven't seen much coming out of China on missile defense thus far, but I would certainly expect to see more,” Pike said.
  13. The Sum of All Fears: Why the Hawaii False Alarm Reminds Us The Aviationist (blog) - Jan 15, 2018 According to a report in GlobalSecurity.org, U.S. Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen made a statement the next day that it was “unfortunate” there was a false emergency alarm about an incoming missile in Hawaii, but said authorities are “all working to make sure it doesn't happen again.”
  14. Army Plans Prototype New Light Tank To Keep Pace With Russia The National Interest Online (blog)-Jan 9, 2018 - While requirements and particular material solutions are expected to adjust as the programs move forward, there are some initial sketches of the capabilities the Army seeks for the vehicle. According to a report from Globalsecurity.org, “the main gun has to be stabilized for on-the-move firing,
  15. Communist China started building its third carrier We Are The Mighty (blog)-Jan 8, 2018 - GlobalSecurity.org notes that this carrier is intended to be a counterpart to retired, conventionally-fueled aircraft carriers. The last such carrier in United States Navy service was USS Kittyhawk (CV 63), which was decommissioned in 2009.
  16. Here's the treaty-busting missile Russia uses to threaten NATO Harold C. Hutchison, We Are The Mighty Jan. 3, 2018, GlobalSecurity.org reports that the Russians are claiming the deployment of the Iskander system to Kaliningrad is a response to America's deployment of Aegis Ashore, a land-based version of the Aegis Combat System, to Poland and Romania.
  17. Russia has an anti-tank missile that could devastate NATO tanks Business Insider-Jan 3, 2018 - Often lost in the discussion of Russian military hardware are the anti-tank missiles. While Russia has long been known for having a large force of tanks (almost 22,000, according to GlobalSecurity.org), they also deployed capable anti-tank missiles.