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2015 News

  1. 'Be brief. Be bold. Be gone.': A decade later, Maj. Megan M. McClung's legacy lives on u>USMC News December 22, 2015 -- According to globalsecurity.org, 119 service members lost their lives in the month of December 2006, which was the height of the violence centered in the Sunni Triangle.
  2. Ted Cruz misfires on definition of 'carpet bombing' in GOP debate By Louis Jacobson Politifact December 16, 2015 -- The World War II examples of indiscriminate attacks were undertaken "because more precise bombing was not possible," said John Pike, the director of globalsecurity.org.
  3. Fact-checking the Las Vegas GOP debate By Lauren Carroll, Jon Greenberg, Louis Jacobson, Linda Qiu, Katie Sanders, Amy Sherman Politifact December 15, 2015 -- The World War II examples of indiscriminate attacks were undertaken "because more precise bombing was not possible," said John Pike, the director of globalsecurity.org.
  4. China's First Stealth Fighter Is About to Enter Production By Shannon Tiezzi The Diplomat December 30, 2015 -- The J-20 is expected to have a top speed of Mach 2.5 and a combat range of around 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles), according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Texas Army National Guard plans for training site at Fort Hood on hold By David A. Bryant The Killeen Daily Herald December 25, 2015 -- Each state and U.S. territory has a regional training center whose mission is "to train soldiers in technical, tactical and leadership skills, strengthening state and national readiness; provide regional coordination for combat arms training within Total Army School System" and help field commanders meet individual training requirements for National Guard soldiers, according to www.globalsecurity.org.
  6. Stasi: Wake up! It's already World War III By Linda Stasi New York Daily News November 24, 2015 -- Don't believe it? Believe this then: Globalsecurity.org estimates that right now in the world there are 30 ongoing wars and 22 conflicts.
  7. SAIC, BAE Systems win contracts to build Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicle By Christian Davenport The Washington Post November 24, 2015 -- The Amphibious Combat Vehicle symbolizes "who they are," said John Pike, a defense analyst with globalsecurity.org.
  8. Enemy at the gates The Economist November 21, 2015 -- At the moment, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a think-tank in Virginia, one of the best of them is the Raufoss MK211, made by Nammo, a Norwegian firm.
  9. Cyber and real war come together in the Ukraine By Doug Olenic SCMagazine.com November 11, 2015 -- In addition to conducting cyber attacks, the group took responsibility for a physical attack on the Ukrainian election office destroying computer systems meant to track the elections process, said a report on Globalsecurity.org.
  10. Pentagon Confirms Mysterious Light In Western Skies Was Missile Test CBSLA.com November 8, 2015 -- "I think basically they figured it was not such a big deal and that there was no need to advertise," GlobalSecurity.org's John Pike said. "The thing that was unique about this situation was a large, persistent contrail, and high altitude with a sunlight reflecting off of it in such a way that people on the ground are going to notice it."
  11. Across Africa, Obama Expands Secret Wars, Assassinations By Alex Newman The New American November 28, 2015 -- "This base is now very important because it's a major hub for most drone operations in northwest Africa," GlobalSecurity.org Senior Fellow Tim Brown, an expert on analyzing satellite imagery, was quoted as saying by The Intercept.
  12. The military lost control of a giant, unmanned surveillance blimp By Andrea Peterson, Craig Timberg and Christian Davenport The Washington Post October 28, 2015 -- John Pike, a defense analyst at globalsecurity.org, added that it's no surprise that the program has run into problems. "All of these things are protracted and troubled," he said. "All of them are capabilities in search of missions."
  13. The Stealth Expansion of a Secret U.S. Drone Base in Africa By Nick Turse First Look Media October 21, 2015 -- Tim Brown, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org and expert on analyzing satellite imagery, notes that Chabelley Airfield allows U.S. drones to cover Yemen, southwest Saudi Arabia, a large swath of Somalia, and parts of Ethiopia and southern Egypt.
  14. What was the motto of famed 100th? By Adrian Vore The San Diego Union Tribune September 4, 2015 -- From the website GlobalSecurity.org: "The 442nd Infantry Regiment was the largest Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans) unit. Fighting in Italy and southern France, the unit was known for its bravery and determination, as reflected by the unit motto, "Go for broke!"
  15. Requiem for the Humvee, as the Army readies for the next war By Christian Davenport The Washington Post July 23, 2015 -- The Humvee made its military debut in the 1980s, served in the Gulf War and soon became "a ubiquitous symbol of the American military," said Joseph Trevithick, a fellow at globalsecurity.org, a military research institution.
  16. How Useful Will China's Weapons Be in a Real War? By Leo Timm Epoch Times March 10, 2015 -- The Chinese WS-10 jet engine, long in development as a local alternative to the PLA's J-11s, has consistently performed dubiously. According to a report published on Globalsecurity.org, the Chinese military was unsatisfied with the engine in 2007, and in 2009 a Chinese official said there were still problems with the design.
  17. Pentagon's $55 billion mystery plane is secret, but debate on cost is appearing By Christian Davenport The Washington Post March 2, 2015 -- And then: "The money goes in and nothing comes out," said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, who calculated that the B-2 literally cost its weight in gold before the Pentagon slashed the program. "Everybody gets a promotion. The program implodes, and you have to start over."
  18. Malls stock up on security By Matt Stout, Erin Smith Boston Herald February 24, 2015 -- "A food court is a target-rich environment, and it's an attractive target because they're not secure and there are a lot of people," said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. "It's an attractive target because you attack the entire American economy."
  19. No solution to Boko Haram from Nigeria's army By Eleanor Whitehead Business Day / BDlive February 23, 2015 -- The army's strength dates back to Nigeria's 1967-70 civil war. As the government fought to prevent Biafra's secession, force numbers grew from about 10,500 at the start of the war to 250,000 by 1970, according to globalsecurity.org, a military portal.
  20. Revelation of Secret Spyware Could Hamper US Espionage Efforts VOA 20 Feb 2015 -- The revelation of secret technology that buries spyware into computer hard drives could be a blow to espionage efforts by the U.S. National Security Agency, intelligence analysts say.
  21. How Silencing China's Dissidents Led to Stealing the West's Secrets By Joshua Philipp u>Epoch Times January 30, 2015 -- According to a report from GlobalSecurity.org, when it comes to domestic operations, the Ministry of State Security "is responsible for the surveillance and recruitment of businessmen, researchers, and officials visiting from abroad."
  22. Brazilian Police Discover Two Tanks in São Paulo Raid By Rodrigo Ugarte Latin Post January 28, 2015 -- This is certainly possible as Brazil purchased roughly 300 of the Korean War-era tanks, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  23. Seven killed in rocket attack on Damascus after commander threatens Syria regime World Bulletin January 25, 2015 -- The Katyusha was originally a World War II-era Soviet rocket, globalsecurity.org says.