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October 2014 News

  1. Area 51 mystery: Nighthawks seen over Nevada By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal October 31, 2014 -- The new hangar is presumably for a stealthy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle long-range bomber, according to John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military information website.
  2. Pilot error, wind caused Nevada drone crash Associated Press October 28, 2014 -- The Predator and its three spares can be disassembled and loaded into a "coffin," and transported worldwide, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a military information website.
  3. Canada's air force orders more smart bombs for war on ISIL The Ottawa Citizen October 28, 2014 -- To operate the system, the pilot illuminates the target with a laser. The bomb then travels to a spot of laser energy reflected from the target, according to the GlobalSecurity.org website page on the Paveway bomb.
  4. Tobyhanna Army Depot builds tower to test weapon system By David Falchek The Scranton Times-Tribune October 26, 2014 -- John Pike, a military analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, described the Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System as a combination of infrared night vision goggles, a television camera and a telescope. It has become an valued asset on the battlefield.
  5. Air Force life for Popovich: Spy satellites and basketball By John Tedesco and Tom Orsborn San Antonio Express-News October 25, 2014 -- "This was serious Cold War stuff," said John Pike, an intelligence expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org. For years, the Air Force never acknowledged the "Blue Cube" existed.
  6. China's Navy Is Already Challenging the US in Asia By James R. Holmes The Diplomat October 16, 2014 -- GlobalSecurity.org projects that China will field 70 subs in 2020, 63 of them nuclear or diesel attack boats.
  7. S.A. commander says Mexicans 'never mentioned anything to me about ISIL' By Sig Christenson San Antonio Express-News October 14, 2014 -- But John Pike, director and founder of GlobalSecurity.org, a military information website, noted that the first clue anyone had of an attack on 9/11 was when the terrorists took over passenger jets.
  8. MRAP sale to Emirates may enable regional military force By Tom Vanden Brook USA TODAY October 13, 2014 -- 'The Emiratis are gearing up. Iran. The Caliphate. All comers,' said John Pike, executive director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy website.
  9. Indian military hysteria since 1947 By Sabir Shah The News International October 10, 2014 -- A Washington DC-based think tank "Global Security.org" and historian Leonard Thomas's book "Encyclopedia of the developing world" claim 97,368 Pakistani soldiers were captured by their Indian counterparts in East Pakistan.
  10. Danske F-16-fly er landet i Kuwait By Sten Jensen JydskeVestkysten October 05, 2014 -- Ahmed Al Jaber-basen, eller som den også betegnes, »The Jab«, er tidligere blevet brugt af fly i amerikanskledede koalitioners angreb mod Irak og er ifølge hjemmesiden globalsecurity.org nærmest designet til formålet og rummer såvel tekniske som indkvarterings-faciliteter til fly og mandskab.
  11. International Peace Day something to imagine Southwest Times Record October 01, 2014 -- GlobalSecurity.org presents a similarly long list of countries not at peace, but notes that the United Nations defines a major military conflict as 1,000 battlefield deaths a year. That reduces the number considerably, to just 10 major military actions and a score or so lesser conflicts by mid-2005.