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February 2014 News

  1. 122nd longing for new F-35 fighter By Brian FranciscoThe Journal Gazette February 25, 2014 -- “Somebody is going to be left standing when the music stops,” John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., said in a telephone interview about competition for the new planes.
  2. Iran: Warships Will Steam Close To U.S. Waters As 'A Message' By Scott Neuman NPR February 08, 2014 -- Globalsecurity.org lists a few aging destroyers among the vessels in the Iranian Navy, including two former Allen M. Sumner class vessels acquired from the United States during the Shah's reign, although there were reports late last year that Iran was ready to put a new domestically built 'Lavan' destroyer to sea.
  3. Use of force, talks, economic and social steps defeated terrorism By Sabir Shah The News International February 20, 2014 -- Numerous painstaking studies conducted by the United Nations, Sweden’s Uppsala University, internationally-acclaimed NGO Globalsecurity.org and the Belgium-based anti-conflict International Crisis Group further reveal that only a few countries like Great Britain, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Burma etc have made encouraging headway in crushing rebellions and achieving some peace in recent decades.
  4. Report: Iran sending warships toward U.S. maritime borders By Barbara Starr and Chelsea J. Carter CNN February 09, 2014 -- The Iranian navy is the smallest of its military forces, according to GlobalSecurity.org, which tracks defense and intelligence issues.