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December 2013 News

  1. Defense contracts in NEPA disappearing By James Haggerty The Standard Speaker 22 Dec 2013 -- Those are pretty big drops," said John Pike, a director at GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy think tank in Alexandria, Va. "Spending is going to continue to go down, though probably not at those percentage rates.
  2. Pentagon Downplays Near-Collision in South China Sea by Luis Ramirez Voice of America 16 December 2013 -- Defense analyst Tim Brown at globalsecurity.org recalls the 2001 mid-air collision of a U.S. surveillance aircraft and a Chinese fighter jet over Hainan island that sparked attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.
  3. Jang Song Thaek: From powerful uncle to 'scum' By Leela Jacinto France 24 13 December 2013 -- According to the US-based website, GlobalSecurity.org, the three-year fall from grace was due to allegations that Jang was attempting to accumulate power.
  4. IEDs won't die after Afghanistan, top general says By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 13 December 2013 -- JIEDDO, or an agency like it, will be required to retain expertise in defending against the makeshift bombs, said Francois Boo, a military analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy organization.