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September 2013 News

  1. Americans held captive abroad accused of being 'spies' By David Pugliese The Ottawa Citizen 30 September 2013 -- “It might be either they decide they found them all or they’ll decide maybe they haven’t found them all but can work around them,” [Pike] said of the bugs.
  2. Navy Yard rampage likely to renew debate over security at U.S. military installations By Ernesto Londoño The Washington Post 16 September 2013 -- “It used to be that most of these places were wide open and you could just drive up to them,” said Pike, the military security expert. “That was a long time ago."
  3. Americans held captive abroad accused of being 'spies' By James Eng MSN News 12 September 2013 -- "It's almost by definition the numbers would be higher today than they would have been back then because there are more Americans (today) and international travel is cheaper than it used to be," Pike told MSN News.
  4. Allies: Stall strike on Syria By Antonio Planas The Boston Herald 08 September 2013 -- “They’re going to report what happened, not who did it,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Military would get a challenging mission in Syria By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe 04 September 2013 -- “He likes his air defenses. He puts great stock in those,” Pike said. “You might take those out.” And, Pike added, Assad “has a really nice palace in Damascus.”
  6. Cruise missiles unlikely to deter Syrian regime, analysts say By Kristina Wong The Washington Times 01 September 2013 -- In addition, the Assad regime has other ways to deliver chemical payloads, including several thousand aerial bombs, cruise missiles, fighter bombers, multiple rocket launchers and artillery tubes, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  7. President Obama to seek congressional approval for action against Syria By David Espo The Associated Press 02 September 2013 -- "There's clearly no ground campaign envisioned in the near term in Syria," John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said last week.
  8. US in 'uncharted territory' in Syria By Ben Knight Deutsche Welle 01 September 2013 -- A poor US response to unrest in Egypt could have emboldened Syria's president to use chemical weapons, John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org told DW.
  9. Obama's Syria gamble By Ben Knight Deutsche Welle 01 September 2013 -- "One-hundred-and-fifty Tomahawk [missiles]? Bill Clinton wouldn't have thought twice about that," John Pike, director of Washington think tank GlobalSecurity.org, told DW.