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July 2013 News

  1. Experts — and CIA — look at manipulating climate By Jodi Helmer MSN News 30 July 2013 -- “A failure to engage in geoengineering could impact the political stability of other countries, and that could lead to trouble for the U.S.,” [John Pike] said.
  2. Seizing Chemical Weapons in Syria Is Really Hard To Do By Lee Michael Katz Defense One 25 July 2013 -- “I know that they have looked at chemical defeat munitions that would incinerate weapons stockpiles,” GlobalSecurity.org director John Pike said.
  3. It's a bird, it's a plane: No, it's an Army blimp By Dan Vergano USA Today 24 July 2013 -- "They have been used for some time on the Mexican border and in the Caribbean, and in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are very persistent, and can carry a much larger payload," than a drone without using any fuel, [Pike] adds.
  4. Drone Made 2 of 4 Carrier Landing Tries By Jeanette Steele UT San Diego 20 July 2013 -- “It has been a long time since there were many want ads for elevator operators, though at one time that was a pretty decent line of work,” Pike said.
  5. North Korean Cargo Ship Seizure Under Scrutiny By Luis Ramirez VOA 19 July 2013 -- "All we know is basically we have a North Korean ship with a lot of raw sugar, obsolete anti-aircraft missiles and radar equipment, and some spare aircraft engines bound for North Korea," said Tim Brown, a Senior Fellow at GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. Analysts question Cuba calling Korea ship weapons 'obsolete' By Oren Dorell USA Today 17 July 2013 -- John Pike of Globalsecurity.org said that ever since an SA-2 shot down Gary Powers' U-2 spy plane in 1960, American engineers have worked "to render this missile ineffective."
  7. Seized missile radars on N. Korean ship a threat to aircraft By Oren Dorell USA Today 16 July 2013 -- "I think the United States and South Korea and Japan have reasonable confidence they can jam it and blow up its radars and it can be rendered ineffective, but it could not be ignored," said Pike, whose group monitors weapons threats globally.
  8. Air Force considers privatizing Cape Canaveral operations By James Dean Florida Today 14 July 2013 -- “Military space has been very expensive and they’ve got to cut costs,” said Charles Vick, senior technical and space policyanalyst at GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Russia Lays Down New Frigate for Black Sea Fleet RIA Novosti 13 July 2013 -- The ships are armed with...anti-ship and surface-to-surface missiles, a 100-mm main gun, ...close-in air defense systems,...air defense missile systems,...torpedo tubes, an anti-submarine rocket system and a...helicopter, according to globalsecurity.org...
  10. What are the odds of a Snowden getaway? By Tom Foreman CNN 12 July 2013 -- Pike says..."There was no follow-up plan. He just thought this one brief moment of glory was going to bend history, and he had no plan after that. He's going to be radioactive until the end of time."
  11. Heck fails to more quickly boost security at nuclear installation in Nevada By Steve Tetreault Las Vegas Review-Journal 10 July 2013 -- The Device Assembly Facility is a complex of 30 heavily reinforced concrete buildings covering 100,000 square feet and connected by underground corridors, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  12. MCAF celebrates 95 years of Quantico aviation By Pfc. Samuel Ellis Marine Corps News 09 July 2013 -- “The Marine Corps Air Facility traces a long history of aviation service to Quantico and the Marine Corps,” according to [www.globalsecurity.org].
  13. Pentagon Confidence Not Shaken by Missile Interceptor Test Failures By Luis Martinez ABC News 08 July 2013 -- "The reliability of our missile defense system is being brought into question," said Charles Vick, senior technical and space policy analyst at globalsecurity.org.
  14. Democracy on hold as military clamps down By Erin Smith The Boston Herald 05 July 2013 -- “You cannot run a democratic system in which half the people are totally shut out, and this was the problem that the Brotherhood had. They were in the process of shutting everybody else out.” [said John Pike]
  15. Edward Snowden decides against asylum in Russia By Tracie Potts NBC News 02 July 2013 -- "I don't know that he's gonna find a place to go. I think the Americans have basically told any country that if they take this guy in they're gonna be in for a world of hurt." John Pike/ Globalsecurity.org.
  16. New charges that the U.S. spied on the European Union By Danielle Leigh NBC News 01 July 2013 -- "All of these countries, all of these international organizations know that spies are in the business of stealing secrets, they have their own security agencies that do the same thing," Pike of Global Security.org said.