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June 2013 News

  1. Experts: Duo a ‘win’ for al-Qaeda By O’Ryan Johnson The Boston Herald 19 June 2013 -- “They put all this stuff online to inspire people to action,” said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, about al-Qaeda’s longstanding strategy of inspiring individuals worldwide to launch attacks of their own.
  2. Pentagon phasing out MRAPs, but bomb threat remains By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 19 June 2013 -- "It is cost effective," said Joseph Trevithick, a research associate at GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy organization. "You can make explosives out of just about anything."
  3. F-22 program produces few planes, soaring costs By Ralph Vartabedian and W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 16 June 2013 -- The early termination of the F-22 has left the nation with a weaker deterrence to potential enemies, said John Pike, executive director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. NSA leaks shift focus to intel contractors By John Fritze and Jamie Smith Hopkins The Baltimore Sun 10 June 2013 -- John Pike: "They were giving clearances to people who have no business having clearances. They still have them."
  5. China marks decade of human spaceflight By Christopher Bodeen The Associated Press 10 June 2013 -- "The focus is now shifting from the near-term to those future systems," Vick said, adding that the military continues to dictate priorities.
  6. Controversial ex-Harvard prof may face smooth sailing to UN post By Gary J. Remal The Boston Herald 06 June 2013 -- “Welcome to the real world,” Pike said. “I’m frustrated we haven’t done anything about Syria, but I gather she was instrumental in doing something about Libya, and that’s to the good.”