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May 2013 News

  1. Battle for control of Sprint turns ugly By Michael Fitzpatrick CNN Money 31 May 2013 -- "The Chinese government would be stupid to neglect using Chinese companies to gain clandestine access to U.S. information infrastructure," [John Pike] says.
  2. West Debates Whether to Arm Syrian Opposition By Andre de Nesnera VOA 30 May 2013 -- “This is exactly the same debate that we were having 20 years ago over Bosnia," [Pike] said. "We had an arms embargo, they were massacring their own people and eventually the policy that we came to was called ‘lift and strike"
  3. Major U.S. Weapons Compromised By Chinese Hackers, Report Warns By Luis Martinez, James Gordon Meek, Brian Ross, and Lee Ferran The Kansas City Star 28 May 2013 -- John Pike...told ABC News..."even if they did acquire the most technically sophisticated data, I'm not sure they'd know what to do with it."
  4. Experts weigh role of 'political correctness' in terror By John Zaremba and Antonio Planas The Boston Herald 24 May 2013 -- John Pike...“....a couple of guys setting off a few bombs, or somebody walking down the street being hacked to death by a couple of people, I don’t know that that’s stoppable.”
  5. Analysis: Shadows of dishonor cast on the US military By Donald Bradley and Rick Montgomery The Kansas City Star 20 May 2013 -- "You see, the idea of combat is not to kill, but to stress out the enemy," said military analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. "You wear them down so they don't fight effectively."
  6. Syria's Chemical Weapons Vulnerable as Conflict Widens By Andre de Nesnera VOA 10 May 2013 -- John Pike, head of Globalsecurity.org, a firm specializing in defense issues, said “Obviously sending in western troops to secure stockpiles in Syria would be a real challenge."
  7. How to Pull Off a $45 Million Global ATM Heist By Paul Wagenseil TechNewsDaily 10 May 2013 -- "It took a well-coordinated and very busy industrious criminal gang — a directed mob," said George Smith, senior fellow with Washington, D.C.-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  8. US Air Force removes 17 nuclear missile officers AFP 08 May 2013 -- The silos housing [the Minuteman III missiles] are dispersed over an area the size of Massachusetts, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  9. Harris: SEC investigating allegations of bribery by onetime Chinese unit By Richard Burnett Orlando Sentinel 06 May 2013 -- "They find that a lot of places around the world just don't see anything wrong with it: What we call corruption, they call business as usual," Pike said.