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March 2013 News

  1. Experts shrug at N. Korea’s latest declaration of ‘war’ By Erin Smith The Boston Herald 31 March 2013 -- “What foolishness! We have been at a state of war with North Korea for 63 years,” said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  2. B-2 bombers based in Missouri send message to North Korea By Mike McGraw The Kansas City Star 29 March 2013 -- “The B-2 is a door opener,” John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org told The Star last year. “It has the unique ability to fly unescorted into hostile airspace and blow up a lot of stuff — without us first having to take out the other guy's air defenses.”
  3. Probe of fatal mortar shell blast resurrects memories of weapon’s shadowy past By Karoun Demirjian and Tom Gorman 29 March 2013 -- “It can be a problem with the training regimen,” said Joseph Trevithick...Troubles could occur “if the training regimen isn’t clear or personnel weren’t properly trained, or somebody was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.”
  4. Space station to aid Bedford firm’s drug research By Hiawatha Bray The Boston Globe 29 March 2013 -- “We were told in the 1980s that space-based materials processing would make the blind see, the lame walk, and raise the dead,” said aerospace analyst John E. Pike...“It never happened.”
  5. Battle heroes of Fort Bliss' 507th Maintenance Company remembered By Diana Washington Valdez The El Paso Times 29 March 2013 -- "The intelligence was broken. They relied on human intelligence that was meant to influence instead of to inform," Pike said.
  6. Nevada town mourns Marines who died in explosion By Scott Sonner and Ted Bridis The Associated Press 20 March 2013 -- "Basically, it's still a pipe and it's got a firing pin at the bottom," Trevithick said.
  7. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Introduce Bill To Prevent Drone Killing Of Americans By Laura Matthews International Business Times 07 March 2013 -- John Pike, a national security expert at GlobalSecurity.org, said the domestic use of lethal force from drones is “extremely hypothetical” because it “very difficult to imagine scenarios in which they would be the preferred instrument.”
  8. VOA Finds Evidence of Syrian Cluster Bomb Use By Scott Bobb VOA 04 March 2013 -- An expert with the Washington-based Global Security group, Joseph Trevithick, said the photos show a type of cluster bomb designed to destroy armored vehicles, such as tanks, not people.
  9. Defense cut damage viewed as overblown By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe 03 March 2013 -- “It is not like we have Soviet tank divisions at the German border poised to launch a sneak ­attack,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an independent research group in Alexandria, Va.
  10. Unmanned Flight By John Horgan National Geographic March 2013 -- Pike suspects that the F-35 Lightning II, now under development by Lockheed Martin, might be “the last fighter with an ejector seat, and might get converted into a drone itself.”