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February 2013 News

  1. Reports: US Considering Directly Aiding Syrian Rebels By Brian Padden VOA 08 February 2013 -- "I'm certainly concerned...," said Pike. "...but I think that the problem that would arise if we just stand by and watch it on TV, the way we've been doing for the last two years, are even worse."
  2. Tearful sendoff as Guard unit heads off to war duties By William H. McMichael The News Journal 08 February 2013 -- However, defense research source GlobalSecurity.org identified it as Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait.
  3. Hagel's first war: budget cuts By Joseph Morton The Omaha World Herald 08 February 2013 -- “You're telling me that we can't cut a penny without bin Laden rising from the briny deep to strike again? I just don't get it,” Pike said.
  4. Del. Air Guardsmen deploying By William H. McMichael The News Journal 08 February 2013 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org, a leading private source for defense information, the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing is based at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait...
  5. Why $46 Billion in Pentagon Cuts Shouldn't Make Us Less Safe By Conor Friedersdorf The Atlantic 08 February 2013 -- Phrased that way, it sounds frightening, doesn't it? "Just one aircraft carrier" in the Persian Gulf! But what if, as added context, the Post had included this great graphic on carriers from GlobalSecurity.org...
  6. Obama Issues Cybersecurity Executive Order By Dan Verton Homeland Security Today 08 February 2013 -- "The administration has been building up to issuing an executive order on this for months," said George Smith, a senior fellow at Globalsecurity.org.
  7. Will The US Be Less Safe After The Ax Falls On The Pentagon? By Laura Matthews The International Business Times 08 February 2013 -- "It would seem to me that putting much of the U.S. Air Force and Army into the Guard, and putting some appreciable fraction of the Navy into drydock, would save several boatloads of money,' [John Pike] said...
  8. Armed Drone Debate Should Focus On Killing, Not The Weapon, Military Experts Suggest By David Wood Huffington Post 07 February 2013 -- "Calling in a commando team is gonna take time," Pike said. "And I can't have commando teams circling around in the sky on the off-chance I'm gonna need 'em."