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November 2012 News

  1. Reporter's Notebook: North Korea launch possible in December, expert tells Fox News By Greg Palkot Fox News 30 November 2012 -- Charles Vick, Senior Technical & Space Policy Analyst for Globalsecurity.org, tells Fox News “North Korea is building up to a flight test of this next space launch.”
  2. China mourns manager of J-15 jet program UPI 30 November 2012 -- A report by GlobalSecurity.org said the J-15 - dubbed the Flying Shark - is said to be a reverse-engineered aircraft based on an unfinished Su-33 prototype bought from Ukraine around 2001.
  3. Army rushing equipment to fight IEDs in Afghanistan By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 23 November 2012 -- "You can do rapid innovation with infantry," Pike said. "The kit is small; it's easy to fabricate. It's not like they're creating a new helicopter. This skill is one of the great take-aways from this war. I hope they don't allow it to atrophy."
  4. Mysterious Mars rover discovery draws alien hype, critical backlash By Kate Allen Toronto Star 23 November 2012 -- “I think it’s obviously a deliberate attempt to drum up interest,” said John Pike, a space and policy expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Israel-Hamas fight more risky in a changed Mideast By Oren Dorell and Sarah Lynch USA Today 19 November 2012 -- Iranian-made rockets have increased Hamas' reach from 27 miles in 2008 to 46 miles now, according to military intelligence firm Globalsecurity.org.
  6. Bombs could be tip of iceberg in Middle East By Erin Smith Boston Herald 17 November 2012 -- “I think the Israelis are going to quite possibly bomb Iran in the next few months and I think they would like to prune back Hezbollah and Hamas before they do that,” said John Pike of the security think tank GlobalSecurity.org
  7. China pushes exports, flags ambitions at arms fair By Tim Hepher Reuters 16 November 2012 -- "China has stood up," said John Pike, director of Virginia-based GlobalSecurity.org, an expert on industry strategy.
  8. Navy reviews plan to base 18 Poseidon jets on Oahu By William Cole Honolulu Star-Advertiser 15 November 2012 -- According to the website GlobalSecurity.org, Navy patrol squadrons operate older P-3 Orion aircraft from permanent detachment sites in Manama, Bahrain; Masirah, Oman; Kadena, Okinawa and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
  9. Lockheed sees increased Singapore interest in F-35 fighter By Andrea Shalal-Esa Reuters 09 November 2012 -- As security partners, Singapore and Israel both pledged to contribute about $50 million to the F-35 development effort, according to the globalsecurity.org website.
  10. Ex-General and CIA chief David Petraeus, citing “poor judgment,” quits over extramarital affair By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe 09 November 2012 -- “Any derogatory information that would lead you to be subject to blackmail...would be potentially a basis for revoking your security clearance...,” said John Pike of the GlobalSecurity.org
  11. New pictures show second Chinese stealth fighter being test flown By Larry Shaughnessy CNN Security Clearance 02 Nov 2012 -- For example, Pike said China's jet engines just don't come close to American engines. "This is a sucking chest wound of Chinese military aviation."