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October 2012 News

  1. The real reason China-Japan are locked in a territory dispute By Ralph Jennings The Christian Science Monitor 29 Oct 2012 -- “No one really knows how much is there because the disputes have discouraged exploration,” says John Pike, director of the US-based public policy organization GlobalSecurity.org.
  2. Booming market in US defence stocks By John Dizard The Financial Times 28 Oct 2012 -- John Pike, a longtime Pentagon budget analyst, now with GlobalSecurity.org, says of Pentagon-agreed M&A, “You would have to look at the standalones [as distinct from huge prime contractors]."
  3. China Eyes New Rockets for Space Station, Moon Missions By Leonard David Space.com 25 Oct 2012 -- Charles Vick...said that China’s buildup of a new family of boosters "implies a capability that the U.S. may find difficult on the world stage of geopolitical influence to contend with, much less compete."
  4. Obama and the Bayonets: Who's Right on the Defense Debate? By Rich Smith DailyFinance 24 Oct 2012 -- John Pike, Director of GlobalSecurity.org, points out that "today's aircraft carrier has about 10 times the lethality of an aircraft carrier of [even] 20 years ago."
  5. Mitt Romney says Pakistan is on a path to overtake the U.K. in nuclear weapons PolitiFact.com 23 Oct 2012 -- Still, John Pike, a national security specialist with globalsecurity.org, agreed that the Romney scenario is a plausible one.
  6. FBI foils wannabe N.Y. bomber By Matt Stout Boston Herald 18 Oct 2012 -- “The first rule in planning a terrorist attack is not to make any new friends,” said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  7. Rural N.C. county learns of its role in Osama bin Laden’s death By Jay Price The News & Observer 15 Oct 2012 -- “Since then, there has been a complete renaissance in snake-eaters,” Pike said, using an insider term for special operations troops and paramilitary operatives.
  8. Frigates leave stamp on Navy, Mayport By William Browning The Florida Times-Union 15 Oct 2012 -- The Department of Defense estimated that the cost of the ships would be $10.1 billion, an average per ship of $194 million, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Panetta Says US Boosting Cyber Defense By Luis Ramirez VOA 12 Oct 2012 -- “They came to the game late. In cyberspace, it’s basically an arms race, so people are going to be spurred by what they perceive other people to be doing...” [, George Smith said.]
  10. Romney’s claim that the Navy is as small as in 1916 By Glenn Kessler The Fact Checker, The Washington Post 09 Oct 2012 -- “Today’s aircraft carrier has about 10 times the lethality of an aircraft carrier of 20 years ago, due to the advent of precision munitions — in the old days, it was sorties per target, now it is targets per sortie,” [Pike] said.
  11. Late fees for military shipping containers soar By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 05 Oct 2012 -- "How is that even possible?" said John Pike, executive director of Globalsecurity.org, a defense policy website. "If my phone bill is a day late, my phone rings off the hook. This is too peculiar not to warrant a criminal investigation."