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September 2012 News

  1. South Korean pilots visit Boeing, Lockheed jet fighter plants By Andrea Shalal-Esa Reuters 18 Sep 2012 -- "At the end of the day, the Japanese did not want to be a generation behind. They did not want to be the last major military power without a stealthy aircraft, and I think the Koreans are going to go the same way," Pike said.
  2. Sikorsky to close N.Y. plant, cut 570 jobs By Richard Lee News-Times Danbury 25 September 2012 -- "The president's proposed 2013 base defense budget is $525 billion, a 1 percent cut from last year. Congress approved $530 billion last year," [Joseph Trevithick] said.
  3. Iran's arsenal poses threat to U.S. military, citizens By Oren Dorell USA Today 25 September 2012 -- John Pike, director of the defense think tank Globalsecurity.org., said Iran also has chemical weapons that it could launch from civilian ships at U.S.' East Coast.
  4. The Last Battle: Steven Chadduck and waiting for help for PTSD By John Ramsey The Fayetteville Observer 24 September 2012 -- "For the first couple of years there, the politically correct position was that (Iraq) was going to be a short war," said John Pike, a military analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Uneasy crowd control in East China Sea By Jens Kastner AsiaTimes Online 19 September 2012 -- "These maneuvers are all threats that leave something to chance," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a US-based think-tank.
  6. Pentagon ends more mingling of U.S., Afghan troops By Rowan Scarborough The Washington Times 18 September 2012 -- “So separating the troops makes no sense, but there is a lot about Afghanistan that makes no sense, so why not more nonsense?...," Mr. Pike said.
  7. How a remote rock split China and Japan By Hilary Whiteman CNN 18 Sep 2012 -- The report, by the U.N. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE), indicated the possibility of large oil reserves in the vicinity, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  8. Radar sent to Japan can track anti-ship missiles By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times 17 September 2012 -- “The reason [the new radar] is being deployed is because the Japanese are increasingly alarmed about North Korea’s missile capability,” said Timothy Brown, a senior fellow at the think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Corruption enables trillions to slip out of China By Lou Kilzer and Andrew Conte Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 16 September 2012 -- "People are voting with their feet" said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  10. Protests seen as becoming a ‘Jihadi Occupy’ By Erin Smith The Boston Herald 16 September 2012 -- John Pike: “There could still continue to be a small amount of protesters outside embassies. That could just become a permanent thing — the jihadi version of Occupy Wall Street.”
  11. How would the US pursue 'justice' in Libya? By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor 13 September 2012 -- Whether or not it was Al Qaeda per se, the organization has cooperated with a number of known terrorist groups worldwide including “The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,” according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  12. Venezuela Seizes U.S. Vessel On Suspicion Of Arms Trafficking By Christopher Helman Forbes 06 September 2012 -- A decade ago the ship carried oilfield equipment to Iraq. And according to a backgrounder on Globalsecurity.org, it also made a special trip to Libya.
  13. Springfield crew ordered to crash drone By Andrew McGinn Springfield News-Sun 05 September 2012 -- The loss of a Predator isn’t uncommon, according to Joseph Trevithick, a military analyst for GlobalSecurity.org.