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July 2012 News

  1. Military is on call for RNC By Ted Jackovics The Tampa Tribune 23 July 2012 -- "If anything goes wrong, you are asked, 'Why didn't you plan for this.' If nothing happens, people will say 'you overreacted." [said John Pike]
  2. Damascus: Chemical Weapons Only for Foreign Aggression RIA Novosti 23 July 2012 -- According to Globalsecurity.org, the Syrian arsenal is said to consist mostly of large amounts of Sarin in addition to tabun (nerve agents), with mustard gas, and the country is reportedly producing and preparing VX for weapons.
  3. A shoal too far in South China Sea By George Amurao Asia Times Online 23 July 2012 -- "The quality of workmanship of the frigate was said to be inferior, and considerable rework was needed to bring the vessels up to acceptable standards," Globalsecurity.org, an independent news website, reported.
  4. Bomb attack claims fourth Assad aide as rebels gain ground By Ruth Pollard The Age 23 July 2012 -- Syria was reportedly producing and weaponising the nerve agent known as VX, according to the website GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Obama's Doomsday Cyberattack Scenario Unrealistic, Experts Say By Paul Wagenseil SecurityNewsDaily 23 July 2012 -- "This belongs strictly to the last 'Die Hard' movie." [said George Smith]
  6. US Deputy Secretary of State expresses 'deep regret' for Navy shooting By Wafa Issa and Ramola Talwar Badam The National 23 July 2012 -- "A common component of [SOFA agreements] is that it is up to the US government whether a serviceman would even be released to the local authorities." [said Joseph Trevithick]
  7. First Look: China’s Big New Rockets By Craig Covault AmericaSpace 23 July 2012 -- The concepts mean that China is designing “a Super Saturn V rocket,” says Charles P. Vick, a highly experienced analyst with GlobalSecurity.Org.
  8. U.S. May Not Be Able to Stop Syria from Using Chemical Weapons By Spencer Ackerman and Noah Shachtman Wired.com: Danger Room 18 July 2012 -- Globalsecurity.org estimates Syria possesses “hundreds of liters” of Sarin, mustard gas and VX.
  9. Spy planes help detect roadside bombs in Afghanistan By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 16 July 2012 -- The United States' technological edge appears to be overwhelming the Taliban's blunt force, says John Pike, executive director of Globalsecurity.org, a defense policy organzation.
  10. Pentagon: Iran improving its missile capabilities By Mike Mount CNN Security Clearance 11 July 2012 -- "You know 2015 is very soon. Certainly if you believe the 2015 forecast, Iran would have that ballistic missile before the United States has a defense against it," Pike, weapons expert at GlobalSecurity.org, said.
  11. B-1 bomber mission shifts from Afghanistan to China, Pacific By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 09 July 2012 -- "The South China Sea is the biggest security problem we have today, and it's only going to get worse," Pike says.
  12. Assad Supplier Finmeccanica Did Business With the Pentagon By Aram Roston The Daily Beast 09 July 2012 -- [John] Pike, an arms expert who founded GlobalSecurity.org, told me he is skeptical that the Syrian government...can make distinctions in how the security forces might use the communications system.
  13. For Marine's family, grief mixes with anger over U.S. war policy By Matthew Hansen The Omaha World Herald 07 July 2012 -- “The people fighting insurgents will always have to follow more rules than the insurgents do. That's sort of a fact of life,” said Joseph Trevithick, a defense analyst for GlobalSecurity.org.
  14. US-Philippines exercise shows glaring gap between navies By Edwin Espejo AsianCorrespondent.com 05 July 2012 -- According to global intelligence website www.globalsecurity.org, "Philippine warships are armed entirely with mounted machine guns and deck guns, the largest of which is 3? (76mm)."
  15. Pentagon bows to politics in 911th's survival By Brian Bowling Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 04 July 2012 -- Moving more of its forces to Guard and Reserve units would save money by lowering personnel costs, but it would limit promotion opportunities for active-duty officers, [Pike] said.
  16. Iran nuclear talks resume amid soaring tension in the Gulf By Julian Borger The Guardian 03 July 2012 -- "It is all part of a larger pattern of activity that says we are serious about Iran, and please don't do anything before the [US presidential] election," [Pike] said.