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May 2012 News

  1. 82nd Airborne Division battalion to deploy to Afghanistan in summer By Paul Woolverton The Fayetteville Observer 31 May 2012 -- "The theory is that we're training up the Afghan National Army so that they can take over when we leave," Pike said.
  2. US drone industry: Open for business at home and abroad Russia Today 23 May 2012 -- “The concern is that Turkey will use US-built UCAVs to go after the PKK [the Kurdish Workers’ Party], and might not place a high enough priority on quality control in their targeting process,” [Tim Brown, a senior fellow at Globalsecurity.org] noted.
  3. Cops bust N.H. man for Chicago plot By Erin Smith And Laurel J. Sweet The Boston Herald 20 May 2012 -- “Confronting the police has been a central element of their strategy from the beginning,” said John Pike, director of the terrorism research group GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. Red Menace: China Poised to Join Elite Aircraft Carrier Club By John T. Bennett US News & World Report 18 May 2012 -- Also members of the so-called "carrier club" are the U.K., Span, Italy, Brazil, France, India, Russia and Thailand, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Ospreys to be based in UK for special ops missions By John Vandiver Stars and Stripes 18 May 2012 -- The CV-22 variant used by special operators can travel 500 nautical miles “at or below 500 feet above ground level, locate a small landing zone, infiltrate and exfiltrate a team of 18 special operations forces, and return to base,” according to Globalsecurity.org, a clearing house on military technology.
  6. Defense Secretary Panetta warns against 'pet projects' in defense budget By Jennifer Griffin Fox News 10 April 2012 -- North Korea's longest range missile, the Taepodong, has a range of 1864 miles, according to GlobalSecurity.org, which also falls 5000 miles short of the East Coast of the United States.
  7. Pentagon Defends Buying From Russia Trader Aiding Assad By Tony Capaccio and David Lerman Bloomberg 09 April 2012 -- Rosoboronexport, based in Moscow, accounted for 85 percent of Russia’s arms exports as of 2010, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a research group based in Alexandria, Virginia.
  8. Gaps in China's area-denial strategy By Jens Kastner Asia Times Online 08 April 2012 -- "One of the primary defenses against anti-shipping cruise missiles is the CIWS Goalkeeper gun system [which fires from ships against incoming missiles and ballistic shells]," Pike said.
  9. Radar-evading Navy ship for sale in public auction By W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 02 April 2012 -- The Sea Shadow cost about $50 million to build, and the total cost of the program over 10 years was about $195 million, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a website for military policy research.