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April 2012 News

  1. Wright-Patt intel unit vital to national security By Barrie Barber Dayton Daily News 30 April 2012 -- “Most of the information that they would be using to make their assessments would be coming from Wright-Patt,” said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  2. Lockheed sales, profit up By Richard Burnett Orlando Sentinel 26 April 2012 -- "Reports of the collapse of the defense budget have been greatly exaggerated," said John Pike, founder of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense-research firm in Washington.
  3. Photo gaffe raises doubts about the 4th Brigade Combat Team's preparedness By John Ramsey The Fayetteville Observer 21 April 2012 -- "You take the combination of combat with the enemy and doing something that's outside my lane - well, that's going to produce more stress, more misbehavior than you might have hoped for," Pike said.
  4. Truck raises questions about China's role in North Korea's missile program By Larry Shaughnessy CNN 20 April 2012 -- "That is not clear, how it arrived there, but it's a commercially available tractor truck," Vick said.
  5. China keeps new and old rivals in range By Jens Kastner Asia Times Online 19 April 2012 -- "I am thinking it is aimed at the West Philippine Sea [the Philippines' name for the South China Sea], rather than Vietnam," Pike said.
  6. After North Korea, India says it will test missile By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times 17 April 2012 -- “The Indians already have a credible deterrent against the Pakistanis,” said Tim Brown of Globalsecurity.org, a Virginia-based think tank, referring to New Delhi’s existing arsenal of short- and medium-range missiles.
  7. Navy to explore 'catastrophic' breakdown scenarios By Kate Wiltrout The Virginian-Pilot 14 April 2012 -- "The reason that Navy planes have two engines is because the odds of two engines failing simultaneously are close to nil," said John Pike, a military aviation expert who runs the website globalsecurity.org.
  8. Severe vibrations likely brought down N. Korean rocket By George Leopold EE Times 13 April 2012 -- While the lower stages of the North Korean rocket continued to function for several minutes, resonance at the top of the launch vehicle resulted in “catastrophic disassembly of the third stage at Max Q,” said Charles Vick.
  9. North Korea's Missile Failure: What Went Wrong and What Happens Now? PBS Newshour 13 April 2012 -- CHARLES VICK, GlobalSecurity.org: What went wrong was a series of events. Basically, it was a classic maximum dynamic pressure failure in which the vehicle is just shaken apart.
  10. Kim's Rocket Fails, but North Korea's Space Threat Is Scarier Than You Think By Jeffrey Kluger Time Science 12 April 2012 -- Adds space expert John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org: "Apart from North Korea getting on TV and strutting their stuff, this doesn't mean much."
  11. North Korea Nuclear Test: How Will We Know? What Could Happen? By Brian Handwerk National Geographic News 11 April 2012 -- If tunnels are dug deeply and securely, radiation from a blast can be completely contained, said intelligence analyst John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.
  12. Defenses brace for launch of North Korean rocket By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times 10 April 2012 -- “Aegis’ ability to intercept at very high altitudes is predicated on it being more or less directly under the flight path,” said John E. Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virgina-based think tank.
  13. Multinational drill to bring myriad ships By Adam Linhardt The Key West Citizen 09 April 2012 -- During the annual event held in different locales, participating nations learn about each other's capabilities in anti-terrorism, counter-narcotics and security, according to globalsecurity.org.
  14. Pentagon's Electromagnetic Gun Awaits Use By Luis Ramirez VOA 05 April 2012 -- "Especially with the recent Quran burning incident we see the need for dispersing crowds outside of U.S. facilities or facilities where U.S. personnel are operating," said Joseph Trevithick, a defense analyst.
  15. North Korea’s rocket began life underwater By Larry Shaughnessy CNN Security Clearance 04 April 2012 -- "I don't expect any major new things utterly visible on the launch vehicle. I expect it to be the same basic configuration as we saw in 2009," said Charles Vick, senior fellow in space policy for GlobalSecurity.Org.
  16. Top-secret US spy satellite blasts off amid mystery of what it will do By Rob Waugh The Daily Mail 04 April 2012 -- In recent years, the United States has worked to phase out its fleet of older, heavier radar reconnaissance satellites with smaller but equally capable ones, said Charles Vick, a space policy analyst with the Globalsecurity.org think tank.
  17. New North Korean missile or parade float? By Adam Levine CNN Security Clearance 03 April 2012 -- Weapons expert Charles Vick of GlobalSecurity.org told CNN's Larry Shaughnessy that he believes this is likely a ground test platform and not capable of actually flying.
  18. Rocket carrying secret payload launches from California The Associated Press 03 April 2012 -- In recent years, the United States has worked to phase out its fleet of older, heavier radar reconnaissance satellites with smaller but equally capable ones, said Charles Vick, a space policy analyst with the Globalsecurity.org think tank.