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March 2012 News

  1. Pentagon sees N.Korea cyber threat, 2012 provocations By Paul Eckert Reuters 28 March 2012 -- The website GlobalSecurity.org published satellite imagery last week of a launch pad and tower without a rocket at the Tongchang-dong launch site.
  2. B-2 bombers at Whiteman AFB get $2 billion update By Rick Montgomery The Kansas City Star 27 March 2012 -- The B-2 is a door opener, said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank on weapons systems.
  3. Top Secret Radar Satellite Set for Vandenberg Liftoff By Craig Covault AmericaSpace 24 March 2012 -- The new high resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) spacecraft was built by Boeing under the NROs Project E-305, according to Charles P. Vick an analyst with GlobalSecurity.Org.
  4. NEW LOOK: North Korea's launch pad By Adam Levine CNN Security Clearance 22 March 2012 -- "I would not expect to see any noticeable activity at the site until about one week prior to the launch," Brown told Security Clearance.
  5. Russian Air Force Adopts New Cruise Missile By Alexander Stelliferovsky RIA Novosti 20 March 2012 -- Globalsecurity.org claims the weapon was test-fired in October 1998.
  6. Afghanistan suspect had shaky business dealings By Dan Sewell and Daniel Wagner The Associated Press 20 March 2012 -- "If you can get a credit card, you can get a secret clearance," Pike said.
  7. U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran By Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker The New York Times 19 March 2012 -- According to the defense Web site GlobalSecurity.org, military planners during the cold war used Internal Look to prepare for a move by the Soviet Union to seize Iranian oil fields.
  8. Study: Huge increase in Syria's weapons purchases in recent years By Adam Levine CNN Security Clearance 19 March 2012 -- In an email to Security Clearance, Pike said the Bastion-P coastal missile defense system is "a big supersonic anti-shipping cruise missile, overkill for the Israeli navy, but just fine for a U.S. carrier."
  9. In Afghanistan, its time to cut our losses By E. Thomas McClanahan The Kansas City Star 17 March 2012 -- In Afghanistan, you have the additional challenges of corruption and the drug trade...If you dont have a strategy for those problems, asserts John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, you dont have a strategy for Afghanistan.
  10. Show time for commercial spaceflight at hand By Irene Klotz Reuters 13 March 2012 -- Space policy analyst John Pike, director of Washington-based GlobalSecurity.org, used to be a believer, but he is not any more.
  11. BAE's Jessup plant gets $48M contract for body armor By James Haggerty The Citizens' Voice 10 March 2012 -- "They wear out and they have to be replaced," Mr. Pike said. "We are going to be in Afghanistan for several more years."
  12. Virginia mountains help pilots train for combat By Jeff Sturgeon The Roanoke Times 08 March 2012 -- They barrel along air corridors as much as 10 miles wide and 70 to 100 miles long at high speed and sometimes at low altitude so pilots can practice the positioning required to evade enemy radar, according to globalsecurity.org.
  13. Stop Kony 2012: Why the Invisible Children of Uganda Need Your Help, How to Get Involved By Cavan Sieczkowski The International Business Times 07 March 2012 -- He claimed to be a prophet "sent from God to purify the people of Uganda and to create a bastion of peace," according to globalsecurity.com.
  14. Homs, Syria: Assad Allies Charge Mossad, CIA, Blackwater Link By Erica Chang The International Business Times 07 March 2012 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.Org and an expert on defense and intelligence policy, said, "for the three of them to be in cahoots," in Homs is unlikely if not laughable.
  15. Space station safe from hackers, NASA official says By Irene Klotz DiscoveryNews 06 March 2012 -- Its a fact of life that some small fraction of computers that are connected to the outside world are going to have security violations on them, John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, told Discovery News.