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February 2012 News

  1. Snyder warns of local job losses if Pentagon cuts Selfridge A-10 squadron By Bill Shea Crain's Detroit Business 28 February 2012 -- "The Air Force has never liked the A-10. The Air Force is a fighter pilot mafia. They just don't like air-to-ground (aircraft)," Pike said.
  2. A pair of ships from Orange used in patrol for Iran By Sarah Moore The Beaumont Enterprise 28 February 2012 -- The two remainings, named the Bayandor and the Admiral Naghdi are still active in the Iran Navy, according to GlobalSecurity.org website.
  3. The site Iran doesn't want inspectors to see By Adam Levine CNN Security Clearance 22 February 2012 -- "The extensive weapons development activity at the rest of the complex made it an entirely logical location for weaponization work for Iran's atomic bomb program," according to an analysis by GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. Could Anonymous Really Knock Out the Power Grid? By Matt Liebowitz Security News Daily 21 February 2012 -- "Talk is cheap in cyberspace," Smith said. "Restraint, however, is not. If someone could have easily done this — and they can't — they wouldn't have been able to resist doing it just for bragging rights."
  5. Warship needs to outflank critics By Joseph Morton The Omaha World Herald 20 February 2012 -- "It went through a really rough patch initially," Pike said. "But I think that's a thing of the past."
  6. Killed in Africa: USAF 1LT Justin Wilkens of Bend By Mike Francis The Oregonian 20 February 2012 -- The U-28 is used to provide support for special operations forces, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  7. Defense industry sees 2013 budget cuts as ‘mild’ By Russ Britt MarketWatch 15 February 2012 -- Trevithick points out Obama’s proposed base military-spending plan, $525 billion, represents a cut of less than 1% compared with last year’s actual outlay of $530 billion.
  8. Offutt crews are troops' ears in sky By Matthew Hansen Omaha World Herald 12 February 2012 -- The Rivet Joint crew zeroes in on the location of the commander's cellphone or walkie-talkie and quickly relays this information to both the convoy in danger and a Predator drone flying over the area, said Brown.
  9. Ron Paul’s strange claim about bases and troops overseas By Glenn Kessler The Washington Post 09 February 2012 -- GlobalSecurity.org, a comprehensive Web site for military information, lists 106 U.S. military facilities in Afghanistan.
  10. New planes to shift 122nd's mission By Brian Francisco The Journal Gazette 07 February 2012 -- “Hard to say what the next war will look like,” Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., wrote in an email.
  11. Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch By Ralph Vartabedian Los Angeles Times 07 February 2012 -- "It was the end of the dream," said John Pike, executive director of GlobalSecurity.org and a longtime analyst of U.S. aerospace. "Before the Challenger, you could think about the idea of going boldly where no one had gone before. The accident ended it."
  12. Indictment issued in satellite parts-smuggling case By Jakob Rodgers The Gazette, Colorado Springs 06 February 2012 -- “They will steal everything that isn’t nailed down at both ends,” said John Pike, an analyst for the Virginia-based defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  13. Fleets fade away with Pentagon budget cuts By Rowan Scarborough The Washington Times 05 February 2012 -- John E. Pike, a longtime military analyst who directs the GlobalSecurity.org research website, said President Obama’s military strategy...means the Air Force and Navy have a sufficient number of fighters.
  14. How crippling would a cyberattack on the nation's power grid be? By Ken Serrano The Asbury Park Press 01 February 2012 -- “Y2K was supposed to be a calamity of Biblical proportions,” Smith said. “It turned out to be pretty much of a snooze.”